Displacement of Syrian Women Due to the Syrian Civil War Annotated Bibliography

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Date:  2022-03-29

Alsaba, Khuloud, and Anuj Kapilashrami. "Understanding women's experience of violence and the political economy of gender in conflict: the case of Syria." Reproductive health matters 24.47 (2016): 5-17.

As the descriptions of the article begin, it starts by showing the involvement of political conflicts to the nature of the society especially the women as new forms of violence emerge. It the details of this article, it elaborates the significant information and components that affect the women considerably resulting in their displacement in the Syrian war. The Syrian face significant challenges in the event of the conflicts especially to their families as they lose their loved ones and, in most cases, the women are always in the hideouts hiding from the dangers that may harm them and the children. Regardless of the women running to other nations like Lebanon, the fear is still in their hearts as they face different cases or incidences of violence in their displacement refugee camps.

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As the article proceeds, it provides a discussion concerning the violence against Syrian women, the political effects to life and particular gender implication affecting everyone especially the women and children. Correspondingly, there is much less information and facts that are publicly available concerning the nature of the violence. The article fails to deliver these changing natures along with other associated risks that the displaced populations face in the context of their country and across the national borders.

Asaf, Yumna. "Syrian Women and the Refugee Crisis: Surviving the Conflict, Building Peace, and Taking New Gender Roles." Social Sciences 6.3 (2017): 110.

In the context of the article by Yumna Asaf (2017), it administers significant information concerning the displacement of Syrian women due to the Syrian civil war. In this article, it defines the occurrence of women and men having different experiences concerning conflicts. In most of the happenings, women are non-combatants in the civil war; however, it leaves the women suffering a great deal. Within the paper, it explores a significant involvement of women out of armed crisis and renders an assessment regarding the different ways through which the Syrian women are surviving the war and have offered a substantial amount of effort for peace.

Further on, it provides descriptions on the involvement of women and their displacement due to the Syrian civil war adding that the Syrians have excluded the women from essential participation in the conflicts primarily in recognition of women as peace builders. However, as the article delivers the involvement of the Syria women and children constituting a large number of refugees since they are internally displaced and opt to run away, it does not offer on the actual happening. In most of the occurrences, the civil war in Syria in contributing essential issues that are not only affecting the women in children but also represent the loss of the humanitarian since at some point, the civil war is becoming gender-based. Also, as the author offers the description of the actual involvement of the women in the Syrian and their displacement, he does not declare any conflict of interest.

Gatten, Emma. "Syria Conflict: With the Men Away Fighting, Women Take the Mantle of Community Leaders in Lebanon's Refugee Camps." Independent, May 9 (2015).

According to Gatten (2015), the Syrian conflict is a crisis that has led to the displacements of many women with the men being left behind and running to the fights. With the different happenings and the effects, they come along with civil wars. The article elaborates different occurrences that involve the conflicts that have pushed the women into taking the family responsibilities and the community as a whole in their refugee camps since there are barely any men. It defines the events regarding the population of the Syrian refugees in the households entailing a large number of women which in most cases are single mothers. Within its context, Gatten continues by describing the events of these women and the challenges they face even after being displaced as they no longer have the protection and are no longer safe. They may be in these refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, but they are still vulnerable to more dangerous happenings like the sexual and economic exploitation.

However, as a critic to the content of the article, Gatten provides a summary and references to these challenges concerning the displacement of Syrian Women by the Syrian civil war, but it does not mention details concerning the happening within the involvement of the women and their children. Different individuals may deliver the necessary information concerning the actual participation of men in the war, but most of them do not want the fight. The knowledge that their families may be harmed and killed renders them into the involvement into the conflicts.

Harvey, Claire, Rosa Garwood, and Roula El-Masri. Shifting Sands: Changing gender roles among refugees in Lebanon. Oxfam International, 2013.

According to the details of the book on the shifting sands, it delivers vast information regarding the conflict in Syria and how it involves the displacement of the women. In its description, it renders the happenings in Syria, and humanitarian crisis as thousands of displaced populations continue to cross the borders to Lebanon weekly. In the context of the book, it derives the dominant displaced population being women who are intensifying the levels of refugees and as a result, they are forced to assume new responsibilities regardless of their traditions or gender roles. In the improvement of the understanding, the book includes the activities the refugees have to do to ensure they survive and concur the challenges together.

On the other hand, the book may contribute significant information on the changing roles amongst the refugees but does not deliver details concerning the changing roles in the humanitarian crisis that is affecting broader parts. The Syrian civil war might be happening just within the boundary limits; however, the effects are being felt on a global context as populations are getting displaced. The women and children getting displaced and the men dying with each passing day.

Osman, Hibaaq. "This is the brutal effect of war on the women of Syria." Independent, publicerad (2016): 29.

In as far as the Syrian women face displacement due to the Syrian civil war, Osman (2016) offers more light to the issues concerning their displacement of women in Syrian. The article shows how more than four million Syrians have sought for refuge to other nations and more than seven million facing internal movement whereby, the crisis majorly affects the women. The article gives the involvement of the conflict explaining that women are majorly displaced since the men are prevented from leaving the conflict zones. As the women pass through checkpoints fleeing from the war, they face raping and sexual assaults in the process.

As the women flee to other nation, it does not mean that they escaped the violence as the displacement is amplifying the security factors, social and economic factors that render more effects to the female gender in Syria. The author does not also give every occurrence as to what happens to the women after they flee and how they still face degradation and violence. However, it provides the actualization that failure to include the women in the peace formation is leading to more war.

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