Discussion on Whether America was Justified to Intervene with Global Affairs

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Date:  2022-06-23

Thesis: America was not justified to intervene in global affairs because it had a negative effect on the world.

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From 1865 to 1920 America was involved in major global affairs with some countries. This intervention was not justified given that it had a negative impact on most of the countries that were involved. Moreover, the United States of America only intervened in cases where they were to benefit or dominate the individual country involved. On the other hand, in all its intervention, the United States of America used force and war mechanism to get to its goal. Therefore, there is no way that war can be justified by any group of people and for whatever reason.


In 1990, some countries were interested in China such as Japan, France, England, Germany, and Russia. All of these countries put a lot of pressure on China for them to have concessions. Therefore, China gave up some of its regions to be controlled by the respective countries. At this time the United States was involved in some business affairs with China and was afraid that such dominance by other countries would put their trade relationship with China at risk. The American was only concerned about their interests and hence proposed open door notes to the superior countries which failed within a short time. Shortly after that, the Boxer rebellion started with Chinese retaliating to the dominance enforced on them by the imperial countries whereby America was one of them. As the rebellion endeavored to end this rule, it resulted in killing t foreign diplomats within China. America stated that they were helping China get back on its feet by fighting the rebels but in the real sense, it was creating space for its hand in China (The Open Door, 484-485).

In 1898, America was involved in business with Cuba which was negatively affected by a war that Spain had caused in the country. President McKinley was quoted stating how negatively the war had on its trade with Cuba and the grate loses that America was incurring. Moreover, he also stated the danger that the Americans in Cuba were facing and the risk of allowing Spain dominate Cuba on their trade. Therefore, the president asked the citizens to allow him intervenes using the military. The Americans after that got involved in a war with Spain inside Cuba, however not that they may help Cubans but only to secure their selfish gains (McKinley 1-2).

In 1936 a report was done by the Nye on the United States of America's involvement in war during the world war one. The first thing that was noticed was that there were key people in the government who were responsible for ensuring that activities involved with peace efforts among countries in dispute failed because in if they failed that would get huge profits. On the other hand, it was also realized that key government figures had made coalitions with the companies selling and distributing munitions globally from the United States whereby they would ensure that there was market for their products and hence America would be involved in war in the name of intervening in a conflict within a country (Nye Report 1-2).


Looking at the evidence given above, the thesis statement is correct that the U.S was not justified in its involvement in global affairs because they only did so for either getting trade partnership with the country or protecting the space they were holding at that time (protecting their colonies) or creating a market for selling munitions.

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