The War of 1898

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Date:  2021-03-10

Long before 1898, the small group known as the ant-imperialist league existed in the US, averting the ideology of imperialism and colonialism. However, their stand which remains to be remembered did not bear fruit when the pro-colonialism and pro-imperialism backed the dogma of jingoism. This began during Spanish- American war which started in 1898 between Spain and the United States of America. While U.S was not fully prepared for this war since they had never participated in the major battle, they won the battle which was a profound shock to the Spains National spirit and triggered a thorough metaphysical and artistic reassessment of Spanish society called the Generation of '98. On the other hand, America after winning started possessing colonies including different islands and expanding their powers all over the world which led to several revolutions the world is enjoying today.

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First the war positively impacted on the racism that was slowly destroying American community. Through this war the African-American community supported the war with high spirit and they gained prestige from their wartime presentation in the army. Notably, one the most significant black leader Booker T. Washington said that his race was very ready to participate in the war to ensure their country wins. The famous black leader said that the war gave them an opportunity "to render service to our country that no other race can" later he said at least ten thousand brave loyal, and strong Black men in the south who crave an opportunity to show their loyalty to our land . During the war, at least 33 African-American died in the Maine explosion. After observing the participation of African-American in this war, the United States came together as one country that was not divided by color and race, and where every individuals opinion was accepted.

Secondly, the war served as a weapon to repair the relationship between the American South and American north which was paramount for development and cohesion of the country. Particularly, this battle gave both sides of America a common ground where they could fight a common enemy since the civil war ended in the year 1865. Many and meaningful friendships were formed between soldiers of Southern and Northern America during their interaction while on duty. Predominantly, it was an important development due to the fact that the soldiers in this battle were children and grandchildren of the great veterans of civil war on both sides.

The war made the United States to become one the most powerful countries and enabled it to extend its powers in Western Europe and the globe as whole. As a result of this, major treaties were signed on a global scale that allowed for business and trade between countries. In this regard, the war was a major contribution to what was later termed industrial and agricultural revolution since there was a comprehensive network between countries that facilitated trade and sharing of ideologies.

In conclusion, 1898 war although came with several disadvantages in America, some of the domestic development that were observed in that period would have not occurred. These aspect were very important, and still significant not only to the United State but to the whole world. First, it eliminated the racism that was slowly destroying the country since both the blacks and whites came together to fight a common enemy. Secondly, it served as a tool to unite American in South and North that divided during the civil war. Lastly, it strengthened American powers which then facilitated the signing of several treaties that were essential for the development of the world.

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