Discrimination against Women: The American Suffrage Movement

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Date:  2022-10-25

The American women suffrage movement was formed in the 1880s to fight for the rights of women. The battle that took place between 1880 and 1920 was a battle to fight for equality and enfranchisement. At the time, American women did not have the right to vote. Only men could take part in electoral activities - the failure to have equality prevented women from having a say in society. This was a form of discrimination based on gender. As a result of the discrimination, various women who were elites in the society decided to form a movement to fight for the equal rights of women. Therefore, the women suffrage movement was formed entirely by American women (Cooney 389). The elites felt that women had a crucial contribution to societal development just like men. Thus, they felt the need to start up for their rights.

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Ever since the United States had gained independence, the constitution did not allow women to have a contribution to the ballot. Women felt that there was no sufficient information as to why they were not allowed to vote. The movement was not in one state, but rather involved various women from different states. In American history, this sufficed to be one of the times when women portrayed unity in the fighting a common vice. The fact that the women suffrage movement lasted for many years portrays how they were determined to fight against such discrimination and achieve recognition as well as equal rights in the ballot (Cooney 389-90). The members of the movement underwent utilized picketing to air their grievances as well as the media.

At the time, women were stereotyped as delicate, innocent, unknowledgeable, and housewives and were never considered to be active participants in matters concerning the development of society. Hence, the movement was not accepted by the government as well as many men. The fight for women recognition and provision of equal rights was not easy and involved a lot of suffering. During picketings, women experienced a lot of violence from police and men who opposed their ideas. However, women persevered all through the suffering to ensure that discrimination against men came to an end. After the elites had formed the movement, women from different social backgrounds came to join the movement regardless of their level of education or race (McCammon et al. 1106). Every woman was called upon to join the movement. Subsequently, some men supported the movement as they understood that women had equal rights as men.

To conclude, the Suffragists managed to demonstrate unexpected militant characteristics in the movement. The leaders and other women who participated in the movement were sometimes arrested and put under irrational jail sentences. Moreover, the movement participants were desexualized, abused, and discriminated. These horrific occurrences brought the suffragists closer together, creating a sisterhood that overcame the revulsion from men, and resulted in a victory of women enfranchisement. The suffragists persevered through the harsh treatment by the government as well as men (McCammon et al. 1145). Although women obtained a permit for picketing, the police were not able to protect the women during the rallies. Therefore, women had to persevere through the harsh treatment by the government and the public. Consequently, though all the suffering and some women dying, the movement was able to achieve its objectives and ensure the government recognized them and gave them the right to vote.

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