Diary Entry on Abu Muslim's Army Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-08

Dear Diary,

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I am twenty years old. A young non-Arab Muslim at the brink of the adult world. I am naive to transition into adulthood, but I feel as if I have enough experience to sail me through. In the past 20 years, I have grown in the controversial Umayyads dynasty. I feel like the Umayyads dynasty has some alien concepts such as favouring Arab Muslims in key leadership positions and handing power down using a hereditary line of succession. I am not deeply interested in political affairs. But I love my culture and religion. I cannot withstand the pain of my fellow Islam suffering in the Umayyads dynasty or being treated unfairly.

In the last couple of days, I have heard of an upcoming revolution led by a Muslim leader known as Abu Muslim. Rumours start milling that Abu Muslim is creating a coalition of Arabs and Iranians. Then a few days later, the opposition coalition gains momentum to become a banner of revolution against the Umayyads. As days pass, words reach me that Abu Muslim is recruiting an army to dethrone the Umayyads dynasty. I am confused on whether to join Abu Muslim's Army or avoid being part of the rebellion. But I love my Islamic religion, and I am threatened by the changes brought about by the Umayyads dynasty. I feel like the Islamic religion is no longer united under one banner. I feel like the Umayyads dynasty is power-hungry and wants to rule indefinitely while favouring Muslims from other descent and mistreating others.

I now convince myself that it is time to pledge allegiance to my religion. I feel that at twenty years, I am ready to risk my life and face the enemy to restore sanity in the Islamic faith. The pressure to join Abu Muslim's Army starts to grow deep as days pass. I feel like I am ready to be deployed to face the enemy. I believe that joining the Abu Muslim's army military comes packed with risks and rewards on the same measure. Apart from casualties, I know I will make new friends in Abu Muslim's army, gain enough defensive skills, and remain physically fit.

A few days after gaining interest in joining Abu Muslim's army, I contemplate the risks with my family members. My siblings are worried that I would lose my life. But my father comes out supportive, saying it is appropriate to serve my religion. He argues that the rewards outweigh the risks, also claiming that everyone has a role to play in this life. I know that joining the military is a calling. To me, joining the Abu Muslims army is not about material benefits but due to the honour and dignity associated. I want to feel a sense of belonging and pride to serve by religion.

Finally, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and I join the Abu Muslim's Army. I am thrilled to be part of that historical army ready to face the enemy, Umayyad's dynasty. As days move, I start to appreciate my role in the military. I feel like it is the best decision I made in life. I am ready to receive glory as a soldier who is proud of his religion. I feel pleased of wearing the uniform. My childhood ambition has finally come true, and there is no giving up.

As time pass, I feel separated from my family, but I have no regrets. I am ready to die in the war, provided it is in good faith. I know that even if I die today, people will remember my name. My name will be put in the books of history that I died to save my religion. I know that I am an Abbasid warrior and dying in war is an honourable death.

Few months after serving in the Abu Muslim's army, I notice that victory is around the corner. Abu Muslim's army is soon triumphing against the Umayyads. I feel like Abu Muslim deserves all the credit as a chief military organizer. He is a capable leader who knows how to defeat external and internal enemies. His political prowess is much higher. He is the undisputed chief of military tactics. Abu Muslim knows how to organize a revolutionary uprising. He knows how to attack his rivals.

Days after Abu Muslim's army triumphed against the Umayyads; I come to notice why the first Muslim dynasty, the Umayyads, faced opposition. The Umayyads passed down power within their family using hereditary succession. Such a controversial practice saw a father handing down power to the son. Moreover, the ruling class favoured Arabs Muslims in the leadership position, and that led to significant opposition. Mistreatment of non-Arab Muslims is another controversy that faced the Umayyads. I feel like it is such controversies that created bitter opposition leading to the fall of the dynasty.


Now that Abu Muslim's Army has dethroned the controversial Umayyads dynasty, I feel like the Islamic empire is now united under one banner. I think that fighting the enemy has finally paid off. I start appreciating life in the jungle, always clinching a rifle and ready to attack the enemy. I feel that if given a chance, I would have considered serving longer in Abu Muslim's army. But every beginning must have an end. It's time to go home and share my experience with my family members. Hopefully, my parents will be overjoyed to see a legendary Abbasid warrior return home safely. I will catch you later diary with some more interesting stuff.

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