Deloitte's Neuroscience Experience Testing Paper Example

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The article dwells into the field of neuroscience on how it can be effectively used to enhanced marketing. In this article, the authors provide eye-catching statistics of the issues that often push customers to make purchasing decisions. These issues are majorly psychologically but are influenced by some factors in which the field of neuroscience seeks to solve. The Deloitte's Neuroscience Experience Testing seeks to help clients and other interested parties in product development so that the best products that meet the customer criteria can be developed and marketed (Deloitte, n.d). The focus of this testing is to unearth what attracts the client in the noisy world. The attraction is better understood and investigated by the company to have a full understanding of what attracts the client. Deloitte further conducts emotional analysis to understand the experiences that limit stress and anxiety allowing the clients to express themselves fully. Besides, it further analysis scenarios that simplify the process of the client to make a decision. All these issues are incorporated with appropriate data to allow the organization synthesis and come up with solutions that can help organizations develop products that appeal to the market.

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The organization seeks to work with clients to solve problems as well as develop the best strategy in marketing. In reality, it invites clients to come up with research questions on the things they intend to solve. The company will walk the journey with the client by helping them to plan and mapping areas of interests while scripting tasks and scenarios (Deloitte, n.d). It will further conduct necessary tests as well as provide a report of the results with the recommendation on areas of impact in which the client need to focus. These results are critical in enhancing marketing and creating a competitive edge in the market.

AWS Sumerian

As the world evolves, new technologies are coming up to improve our environments and also better our welfare. These technologies are also designed to reduce on costs as well as provide for the needs of people without the need to travel. The article AWS Sumerian provides information on how this new technology can allow users to create Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D applications (AWS, n.d). The technology further allows the users to test these applications without the need of having sophisticated hardware that has the best graphics such as Oculus Go, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Pro, and Google Daydream. The hardware is usually used for running VR, AR and 3D applications to tests their functionality due to their graphics. The problem that faces many developers in this field is access to hardware that can allow them to run their applications at a less cost. AWS Sumerian has been developed to provide for the needs of the developers without having to purchase or hire the service of running the application.

The unique thing about AWS Sumerian is the multipurpose utility it offers to its users. The technology allows for the creation and testing which means that it limits the time used in the development and also aids in enhancing the accuracy of the various applications developed by users. The technology has been simplified to allow any user to create these applications. The Sumerian editor is easy to use and allows users even without the knowledge of programming to create these applications (AWS, n.d). The technology provides different options in enhancing virtual reality by allowing users to immerse different objects to better their applications. Once an individual is done with the application, the technology is adaptable as it allows for the running of the applications in different platforms. The technology provides universal usage to users who want to explore more about reality.

How these Products Benefit Banking Industry?

The banking sector is vast developing with innovations that seek to replace traditional financial methods or services. The banking industry serves different purposes including providing safe custody of wealth, facilitating trade as well as supporting investment over the years, banks have transformed and has seen the introduction of new products. In the financial technology section, the two products discussed above can be of benefit in transforming the sector as well as improving innovation. An understanding of these two products can open doors for innovators to develop new financial solutions.

The Deloitte's Neuroscience Experience Testing is a product that can be incorporated in financial technology. The product seeks to offer to improve existing products to match the interests of the customers in different dimensions. The financial technology sector is rapidly expanding with the demand for virtual currency that is secure, readily available and can be accepted globally. The challenge in which the developers have faced in the financial sector has been to develop a secure and acceptable currency (Farboodi & Veldkamp, 2017). These challenges can be solved by neuroscience experience as it will allow experts to carry out several tests while involving innovators. The Deloitte's product can provide a platform of launching research in financial technology that will seek to understand the emotions of users of certain technology, the competitors, attraction and issues that prevent them from making choices (Deloitte, n.d). These sets of data can then be analyzed with the results used to make recommendations to financial technology developers. If these recommendations can be implemented, the result would be a developer of a universal currency that is readily accepted for trade. As the world shifts its focus towards technology solutions, the need for a technological currency will arise and can be solved by financial technology.

On the second product of AWS Sumerian, it can be used in the financial technology section to conduct tests and demonstrations to different audiences. The technology allows for the creating of application in virtual reality that can be run remotely for different audiences to view. At the early stages of development in financial technology, the technology can be used to demonstrate prototypes and how the technology can help solve problems in the financial sector (AWS, n.d). It can further be used for training and learning allowing different users to gain knowledge and understanding. Augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D applications creation and running have been simplified by AWS Sumerian, and financial technology developers could seek to use some of these tools to present their findings and seek approval for innovations in the financial tech industry.


The banking industry is in need of new solutions to solve the growing challenges in the industry. These new products can be used to improve the banking industry through the development of new financial solutions. Developers of these products can come together with those in the banking industry to develop cutting-edge products that can transform the industry. It remains to be seen what the future holds for these new products.


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