Decline of Education in Iraq Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-06

Education maintains a proper unity between people, cultures, and nations with the aim to create a sustainable future. Also, education helps develop a celebration of any differences that may arise, mutual responsibility and respect, along with compassion and service. However, if I had the chance to change one thing about Iraq society, I would change the issue concerning the decline of education in Iraq. According to Ranjan and Jain (2009), the geographical location of Iraq and the availability of natural resources makes Iraq vulnerable to dynamic changes. The decline of education and lack of attention to education is an occurrence that is not only affecting the children, women, and youths in Iraq but the entire society as a whole since the literacy rates a significantly dropping. The issue of education is something that has led to the transpiration of other problems in the society such as unemployment, lack of youth empowerment and lack of entrepreneurship since people are over-relying on any sort of employment arising (Issa, & Jamil, 2010).

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Nonetheless, there are different ways through which I would change the issue of education. First, I would enlighten the society about the benefits of education and precisely literacy. Although UNICEF (The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) is taking a major step in rebuilding the nature of education in Iraq, I believe the empowerment of the children and youth is the ideal solution. According to Verger et al. (2018), empowerment is amongst the forces shaping education policy especially in developing nations. Empowering the children and youths means maintaining a relevant, motivating strategy that will induce a need for learning in individuals alongside helping them attain personal responsibility and resilience. Moreover, in empowering the children I will advocate on their behalf by ensuring that I give them a voice in the society through forums.

Similarly, I would pioneer the creation of a platform seeking to encourage the society to play their role in education and assist in providing every resource needed through active commitment. To make an impact, I would promote the practice of knowledge sharing whereby, youth acquire proper learning experience meant to promote entrepreneurial skills. Knowledge sharing will ensure that the vulnerability of education is reduced since the learners are learning to help each other rather than working towards seemingly distant goals (Al-Husseini & Elbeltagi, 2015). It promotes human interaction at a community level which serves the purpose of uniting people and increasing literacy within the society thus development in education.


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