Culture and Diversity

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Date:  2021-03-22

The federal government has a lot of responsibility for the creation of lower social class by removing penalties for unsuitable homes since they discourage the need for search of employment. Most of the people living in these unsuitable homes will be comfortable with their present situation.

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The involvement of religion in public life in the United States, especially in the workplace is becoming quite common. If I were to start a company, I would intentionally involve religion in my business culture by employing individuals from different religions (Choudhury, 2015). The employees will then be given an opportunity to lead the day with their religions, with one religion for each day. Some of the issues that might be encountered include discrimination and conflicting interests. For example, the religion making up majority of the employees may discriminate against the individuals featuring the least people (Choudhury, 2015). Additionally, the behaviors acceptable in one religion may be unacceptable in the other, hence creating problems amongst employees.

Television networks might want to set standards for highly visible employees as they want to project a specific corporate image. They should have these standards as they help in promoting their corporation by showing professionalism and a positive body image (Friedricks, 2015). However, these standards should be different for men and women as the characteristics for gender tend to differ (Friedricks, 2015). For example, it is common for women to have curvy bodies compared to men, who tend to be a bit slender.

Military veterans face discrimination in the sense that they may not be given a position they are entitled to, their accrued vacation time may be deducted during employment, harassment because of their service, and failure to get employment due to disability (Hays Weissman, 2014). Hiring a veteran might be desirable for a business as they tend to have skill and discipline which they learn while serving the military. Female veterans tend to face additional discrimination because they are the gender which is usually concerned with taking care of the family, thus may need more time off compared to their male counterpart (Hays Weissman, 2014).

Younger workers who are not legally protected from age discrimination experience negative stereotypes in the sense that they are considered unwise and inexperienced compared to the older individuals. These stereotypes can be offset when they showcase outstanding perform regardless of their position in an organization.


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