Critical Reflective Statement: Group's Powerpoint Presentation on Business Communication

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Date:  2022-04-16


The title of my group's PowerPoint presentation was business communication in a family coffee venture. My role in the presentation included the slides that focused on the Internet and the outdoor media and AIDA model. Under these segments, I talked about various social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter where many people can view advertisements at once and within a short duration over the internet. The online marketing tools were essential to facilitate the e-commerce which was a target for the family coffee business. On the outdoor media, I focused on the Billboard, Flyers, and trees (Posters), that could be physically seen by people walking by and promote the coffee business. I focused on the strategic places to place the outdoor media such as at the airport where people tend to crowd while waiting for their people or flights, to influence their need for order. Some of the messaged for on the outdoor media in included "making you fresh instantly." Such captivating phrases were meant to attract the attention of potential customers. Additionally, I talked about the AIDA model which used to explain the effect of an advert media. The AIDA is an abbreviation which stands for Attention, Interests, Desire, and Action. Each aspect reflects an advertisement effect in a campaign to market a product. Attention is meant to create awareness among the target market. Interest leads to the interest of people with the product which has caught their attention. Desires ignite their need for the products, and finally, Action makes them acquire the product and hence the advertisement model which can achieve all that is considered effective. Feelings

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My feelings about the assignment two were how it could be challenging to work with people I do not know to accomplish a task. It was so discouraging since I prefer to work as an individual. I was worried about the argument that may erupt and disorient the process of accomplishing the task. Sometimes I felt as if the group assignment would drug me and rob me of my free time. Immediately after we started working, I realized that each member was ready to face the task and each made efforts to contribute to the group to emerge with the best presentation. For the first time, I appreciated the group work as member helped each other to meet the goals of the individual assignment. In fact, the team shared their ideas some of them new that facilitated my pace for finishing my part. It was a fun experience and felt relieved since I finished the work sooner than I expected and had more free time to pursue other private activities. Furthermore, I was happy and satisfied at the end of the group work, since the contribution from other member made the work easier. Also, I had a chance to bond with some members, a chance that I had never imagined would occur. However, I would have changed my attitude during my presentation as I was keen studying other members to understand their personality, instead of being completely immersed in the presentation. Further, I wish I had done more research on the topic and provided a more internet-based platform for advertisements such as blogs and many others. Evaluation

The group assignment was an enjoyable experience as different minds contributed to the points which made it easy to finish the task. Some member was funny and cracked jokes in the process, which reminded me the value of being outgoing or being friendly. Some of those member seemly had a much easier and stress-free life which challenged to improve my social skills. I am not a dull person, but I was happy to see that some of the members had better social skills that I would want to develop. I also learned that the group members had done prior research before the meeting, although some had little to contribute. I was also prepared, and it was a pleasure to share my segment on the task. It is essential to understand how to give presentations since it is a critical process for the current atmosphere of the business world. Furthermore, it creates an opportunity for a person to learn skills for public speaking which are crucial when doing marketing programs. Also, it enables a person to comprehensively present research findings in a brief but concrete manner that will inform action. Analysis

Coping with my assignment was easy since other members were readily available to share some thoughts on the work. However, seeing the motivation and commitment of other members to give their best for the group, I was motivated to invest my best research skills to deliver a quality segment of the presentation. Hence, the next time we have class assignments, I would like it to be assigned to groups to improve the quality of output. The process of discoing as a group them embarking on organizing the same thoughts into a complete portion of the entire assignment is a valuable learning process. It also improves the social skills of a person as you experience people with different characters. However, there are things I would do differently concerning time management and working practices. For instance, I would like to volunteer more in serving the group in leadership places as the chairperson or the secretary. This experience will ultimately improve my leadership skills and make me a proactive person in providing ideas to finish the assignment and organize the group to improve performance. Furthermore, I would like to focus on how much I share in the group to ensure I do not listen too much or talk too much in the topic I am not and well conversant respectively. Being prepared adequately for group work is as important as presenting it before an audience. Conclusion

The completion of the presentation equipped me with skills such as being organized. I learned to be economical with words to present points in a brief, clear, and concise manner. I also had little experience with creating powerpoint slides, but through the experience, I learned to make to improve the aesthetic nature of slides and remain professional. The best aspect of doing this task was the chance to interact with group member and realizing how group work can be impressive. It changed my attitude towards teamwork when it comes to productivity. Also being assigned a port of the presentation to design and talk about was a great experience as it provided me a chance to implement the skills for making power slides had learned. The worst aspect was during the actual presentation of the part we had individually done. That part requires me as the rest to convince the audience that I had mastered my content and that I was prepared for a question on the unclear points. Action Plan


What I would do differently, including the use of more images than words in my slides. Powerpoint presentations are meant to provide a summary of the main points which are explained in depth through the speakers' notes at the end of each slide. In the slide I used numbers, which is not appropriate in presenting the points in power point. Hence I would use bullets to present my points and make it uniform throughout the paper. Moreover, I did not label the figures and provide a brief description of what they represent, which is an area I intend to adjust to the next task. I took most of the points from the discussion by a member to contribute to my part of the presentation; thus in future, I would do my thorough research and supplement with the group's contribution. I would prepare for this changes by reading and practicing on designing better PowerPoint slide to maximize the effect and quality of the message. The area that needs developing is the skill for public speaking to facilitate the presentation process and manage the stage fright. Furthermore mastering the content to show the audience that I am conversant with my work is important to capture their attention and improve my credulity and that of my material. Additionally, I would enhance the skill of time management during a presentation to ensure I share my entire work as scheduled. This situation will allow the audience time to digest the content and maybe ask questions.

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