Critical Essay on Jane Eyre: A Tale of Injustice & the Women's Movement

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Date:  2023-01-14


Feminists believe that injustice is a threat and begin forming women movement to fights for equal rights in education and political aspects (Dentith and Simon 130). For instance, the female gender was not recognized in academia as many suffered economically, education, sociology and psychiatry. Jane Eyre was struggling for the pursuit of independence and equality. For example, she was living with her uncle well before his death, where Aunt Reed started neglecting and abusing her (Shuttleworth and Sally 7). Jane was treated like a maid and viewed as an inferior creature until feminists stood out and began criticizing discrimination, thus building the self-esteem through showing rebellion to John and Mrs Reed.

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Jane realizes herself through struggling to attain true love, which she understood as a divine, pure, which cannot be measured by property or power and status. Having lived as a miserable, hopeless and helpless child, she expected to enjoy true love. For example, Jane created a friendship with John and her sister during her teaching a situation which reflected her determination and struggles for pursuit love. Besides, Jane fears humiliation in marriage and realizes when she offers a heart to John, she may not enjoy the love as expected in the family because she emphasizes that true love is based on mutual understanding, respect and equality.

Therefore, gender disparities have made the women struggle to attain love, esteem, independence and equality (Beattie and Valerie 500). For instance, Jane has been fighting for justice in marriage and the economy where her passion cannot be manipulated with property or power and status but relies on steadfast and loyalty. Therefore, Jane reflects women who are struggling with oppression, or discrimination in education, businesses or politics and the efforts employed to fight gender equality.

Time of Poverty and Repression

The novel Jane Eyre represents women in the Victorian society where they were mistreated due to low socio-economic status, and denied equality in religious and political aspects before the struggle for substantial empowerment as well as coming of new industrialists (Stoneman and Patsy 118). The situations reflect the state of poverty and the feminists' realization towards building their esteem and fighting poverty. For example, human oppression was mostly linked with the middle-class level. For instance, Jane is the unloved, needy, dependent orphan child who lives in a venerable situation of discrimination and oppression without hopeful and prospects in future. Besides, poverty is seen in Jane Eyre who is an orphan, and she depends on her Aunt Reed after the death of his uncle, but due to her vulnerability, she is mistreated both emotionally by Aunt and physically by Cousin John (Federici and Silvia 12). Jane studied in a poor institution which was supported by wealthy individuals in the society where her peers were also orphans, and they lived in very pathetic conditions without enough meal or water where even her friends suffer due to unfavourable studying environment. However, the story brings the issue of poverty and repression since regardless of the devastating scenario Jane faced, she struggled to fights poverty through self-realization in pursuit for love, esteem and fight against discrimination.

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