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Date:  2023-02-25


In the present world, a classroom should focus on the students. This will assist the learners in creating opportunities to discover their likes and explore their desires and interests. This response is about the eight elements to look out for in present-day classrooms, and what other features are lacking in the school, and they should be there.

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In my professional learning opportunities, I realized that voice would not only help the learners to have the chance to study but also share what they have learned with the other students. In the present world everybody has a voice and students have to be taught to use it efficiently, or else they will struggle in the future to express themselves.

Another element i see in my professional learning opportunities is connected learning. This helps students to share their areas of expertise with the other learners. For example, if there is a student who is good at science, but not very good at English when the student is put together with another student who is good at English but poor in science, they will be able to help each other out and improve their learning skills. Also, connected learning helps students who are afraid to ask the teacher questions because they feel free when they are talking to their fellow students.

Opportunities for innovation assists students who are not very sharp in books to explore their desires through technical learning. I asked students to design something of their own, and there is a particular student who made a perfect and durable wedding ring out of a nut. I asked him how he built it, and he confidently explained to me the procedure of making it and how to take measurements accurately

In our school, it lacks the element of choice. Students are denied the right to pick or decide what they want to learn, and I realized that it is not fair, and some students are getting poor grades for not being allowed to choose what they want to learn. When students are allowed to determine what is right for them to learn, they do it willingly, and the results are always excellent.

Response 2

I agree with you that voice helps students to have the chance to share their learning experiences and also learn new information from other students. The information gained from other students is essential as the students will acquire new learning skills and this might improve their class performances

Many schools do indeed offer opportunity and innovation skills, but they concentrate on books only. This element provides the students with an opportunity to build and show their talents in technical skills. Some students are very good at professional education, and they can make something useful out of scratch, which can be of significant impact on society. Since the students are the ones who build the equipment by themselves, they can easily explain how the material created works, and they can redesign it for the second to so to make it even more useful. For example, those children who designed and built a playground escape were able to clearly explain how they did it, how the project works, and any questions asked, they could be able to answer it correctly because they designed and built that project themselves.

I think you should implement your school curriculum once more so that it can offer students time for reflection. Of course, a classroom is always busy, but if students are not provided time to reflect on what they have learned, they might fail in their exams. Many teachers push the students so much because they want to finish the syllabus, but that does not help the students very much because some of them are slow learners, and they have to take time to understand what the teacher has taught.

I agree with you that you should help students to understand things themselves and not always do for them. Self-assessment allows students to be able to arrange their time correctly, and they can know when is the right time to do something that they have planned on their own.

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