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Date:  2022-07-08

The health sector is experiencing an increased case of scam from fraudsters who tend to advertise or promise on something that never actually exists. They have lived for a very long time and all along these scammers still, live today. The old scammers we know as a salesman of snake oil has transformed to a new version of individuals who have resulted to using the internet as their way to attract more people. They have adopted the strategy of preying on your desires by offering easy solutions to health problems that are difficult to cure. They come with a weird answer to issues such as weight loss in less than thirty days to find the cure to cancer. This paper will focus on such health scams where five individuals talked about the same issue. Some had experienced similar problems while others had different stories to tell. The measures they took are all-inclusive.

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The first two people that got surveyed had experienced a scam by the health insurance companies, where they complained of specific issues that they felt like a fraud by the companies. They noted that they thought that this insurance firms had their risks at stake and would come in handy when problems came. They expressed their trust in this firms but to no avail. They complained that these firms occasionally denied there claims to have them left stuck footed on a massive hospital bill that they cannot cater. Usually, a pre-authorization note is needed for the medical claim approval. Which they say the hospital never gave, or the firm might not be coming into terms with charges that were non-covered.

Either of the two ways they expressed the concern that the firm should have provided them with a warning or caution that their services may refute before having them served. This kind of signal should come like a day before. They noted that, instead, these insurance health firms provided them with the notices days after with an ambiguous explanation that only complicates the wholes issue. It was unbelievable to them to imagine that such firms that are supposed to take care of their customers are at the forefront of sucking them dry of their rights. Some actions can be made against such people, these two guys, for instance, sought to pursuit to slap the firm with a lawsuit. Though this is usually a tough endeavour for victims, it can also be a great way to help their innocent people stay vigilant and watch for such scammers in the name of insurance health companies.

The other complaint they had that these insurance health firms had ripped them off is the denial by the firm to produce notice for coverage change. Commonly firms are supposed to provide these notifications regarding changes, but as the principle of caveat venditor has it, it is not a necessity that the explanation given be clear. They expressed their concern in that the insurance firm decided to exclude some treatment of the coverage. For instance, exclusion of other medical services was not in their policy. To their surprise, the information is detailed in a way that suspicious minds do not readily understand it. Many people, therefore, are left with the option of leaving the firm or channelling their frustration to the court which becomes a nutshell to crack.

The third individual surveyed complain of a scam by his dentist who was collecting from him from a service that didn't exist. He noted that his dentist had been drilling his teeth in the sense of trying to fix him but to the opposite, the dentist was also adding other problems to his set just for him to pay more. He noted that some dentists have expensive high technology equipment will be tempted to cause more questions so that one can find a way again to him. To the dentists, they see this as a way to regain their investment funds by to the customers it is a big fraud that every person should be aware. Such cases of a scam by dentists who choose to drill holes in their customers pocket in the name of making money should be handled. He sought to take action against him by publicizing his work to other people. It was a great way to stop such individuals from lying to their patients.

The other scam that he noted in the market was the pricing of birth control which was way very expensive. Since there is an increased number of ways of controlling birth, from the use of condoms, IUD device, and pills that have filled the market and are regarded to be effective. The individuals who produce them have resulted in charging them at a very high rate just because they are very active and their demand is high. He noted that women are paying thousands of dollars to acquire these modes of birth control which took the manufactures tiny cents. It is a scam by the productions, but very hard to stop because of the technicalities of the business idea. The actions that he sought to be taken against such people was to raise concern to the authorities and see whether laws can be passed to control their pricing in the market.

The other individual surveyed had an issue with fraudulent health products which were sold freely in the market. He noted these products had words on their surfaces that suggested that they were mighty. These products do not work, and they can lead to serious health issues that may cause one injury to problems. The most common products that are being sold out to individuals is the weight loss products. It is noted that these products could stay in the store for a very long time surpassing their expiry periods. The fraudsters pose them as capable of making one lose weight in a brief period which is a massive scam. He noted that people should be vigilant to observe this kind of products that the fraudsters will present to them at a compelling price. They can be very harmful to one's health. The best way that one can use to tip-off such scam is by being vigilant to such products that are said to perform very quickly (Zhao et al. 2017).

The other fraud was the sale of products that are said to cure almost all illness. These products are mostly found on the internet and so becomes very hard to see them and let them know that their products are of no help. It can help since it can lead to having them closing their websites. People should take action against such products that are an aid to be able to cure all infections. It is a scam that everyone should be aware. The best way to tip-off such is by people giving their testimonies on such products. It will keep people at bay from purchasing them.

They also noted the issue of products labelled as "discoveries" or "scientific breakthrough." This kind of products are usually untrue and not to be trusted at all. If by any chance a new product comes on the market, it should be announced to the public about it, and the relevant institutions given the mandate to supply the products. However, the situation that such information is branded o internet ads or other internet sites is a big scam, and everyone should be aware. Such fraudsters should be reported to the authorities to have them stop their malicious acts.

The last person to be surveyed noted that there had been increased conspiracy ideologies that have tried to slam the reputation of the pharmaceutical firms and the state. These theories ted t twist information that these two are trying put important information away from the public about a crucial cure. This information is ever incorrect, and that lacks the basics. People should shun away from such theories and not believe them as they are scammers who are merely trying to misguide the public. The public should note that this kind of information is meant to distract and divert people from the simple, obvious question. Even with this all scams and people coming around with products that should not be on the market, to stop them becomes a huge challenge because some use the internet where to arrest someone because indeed a problem. The actions that people can take is by being vigilant and cautious of such scams which are very dangerous. If one identifies one fraud, he or she should take action and et the public know of it to prevent others from falling into such a trap.


Conclusively, the health sector has in the recent past experienced the most significant number of scam and fraudsters who parade fake and malicious products to the public in the name of making money. Counterfeit theories have evolved to confuse the public on specific critical issues. The public has been advised to stay focused and be aware when such scams knock their door. Actions against such individuals have highly appreciated as it helps to keep off the rest of the public from such. Though it is tough to stop such fraudsters, there has been tremendous efforts to ensure that such scams do not affect the public.


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Zhao, Y., & Zhang, J. (2017). Consumer health information seeking in social media: a literature review. (Health information and libraries journal.)

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