Comparing Articles on Nuclear Weapons Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-09

Research and development of nuclear weapons started during the second world war when the united states in collaboration with other nations such as Canada and the united kingdom created and tested the first nuclear weapon. However, currently, there has been increased conflicts on whether countries should be allowed to create or handle nuclear weapons. According to the article Nuclear proliferation by Darryl Howlet, the issue of nuclear proliferation which refers to the spread and use of the various nuclear weapon, applicable nuclear technology and fissionable material by the countries that are not recognized by the treaty of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons has continuously been an issue of great concern. According to the article, the issue of proliferation has been contradicted or opposed by many countries around the globe with or without nuclear weapons. The opposition has been triggered by government fear that an increase in a number of countries handling nuclear weapons may enhance the possibility of nuclear attacks.

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According to the article currently, many countries that are not recognized as nuclear weapons state have acquired nuclear weapons. Such countries include North Korea, Israel, Pakistan, and Iran. An example of a case that has made nuclear proliferation to be rejected is the case of Iran which is not a nuclear-recognized state threatening to attack Israel using nuclear weapons. The countries developing and using nuclear weapons despite them not being recognized as nuclear weapon states usually claim that the non-proliferation treaty is discriminatory on who should develop nuclear weapons by claiming that only the countries that tested their nuclear weapons before the year 1968 are recognized as the only nuclear states.

The article on the significance of nuclear weapons by Barash tends to be similar and supporting the nuclear proliferation article since by indicating the various impacts of allowing unauthorized nations to develop or use nuclear weapons. The author indicates that there are numerous effects or impacts that may arise due to the development of nuclear weapons by unrecognized nations. Some of the impacts analyzed by the article include first, the possibility of a nuclear fallout due to the deadly, invisible nuclear radiation penetrating the ground causing congenital disabilities, cancer and other permanent genetic disorders that tend to last for many years. Nuclear fallout usually occurs as a result of many countries developing nuclear weapons thus increasing the level of radiation in the atmosphere. Therefore countries should continue to oppose nuclear proliferation to eliminate this impact.

Secondly, there the world is likely to experience nuclear winters that occur due to the atmospheric effect experienced by the nuclear blast thus blocking approximately 70 percent of sunlight and causing a global ice age. To minimize the occurrence of such a risk, the nations have to reject nuclear proliferation, and only the authorized nations should develop nuclear weapons. Thirdly, nuclear proliferation is likely to cause electromagnetic pulse which is considered to be an inconvenient side effect that occurs due to nuclear explosions that produce wide-scale mass spectrum radiation. This type of radiation causes the failure of cell phones, electronics, power influstructure, and internet servers.


Both articles are playing a similar role or purpose of opposing nuclear proliferation since it increases the probability of nuclear war and is also likely to cause numerous impacts on society. Therefore all nations should unite to oppose nuclear proliferation by ensuring that the treaty of non-proliferation recognizes all the countries developing nuclear weapons.

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