Compare and Contrast Essay on Living on Campus and Living off Campus

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Date:  2022-11-13


Almost every student who gets admission to the college has to make a fundamental decision either to live on campus or to stay off campus. Living on campus and off campus has its similarities and difference (Baikady & Jessy, 2014). These two major accommodation types tend to vary regarding the level of privacy, convenience, and cost that a person has to pay. The paper seeks to analyze the key difference and similarities between those staying within the University and those that stay off the university.

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First, it is important to note that off campus and on campus, housing cost tends to differ. For example, the management in campus offers housing rent at a given set rate that will be a convenience to many students. It, therefore, shows that students do not have that room for rent negotiation on price (Najib & Tabassi, 2015). On the contrary, students who stay off campus have the choice to make regarding rooms variation alongside bargaining or negotiating for the price depending on the capacity of the room. Similarly, the price of food will also differ given that those that stay off campus might incur a relatively higher cost of food price as compared to those that stay within the college.

Secondly, it is evident that the level of convenience between those that stay on campus and those staying off campus tends to differ. It is important to note that, living in residential houses tends to be more convenient and enjoyable. On campus, students have to live in dorms in which their movement in most cases is limited even though they are better placed when they have to move to class based on the distance as compared to the off campus individuals who have to cover a large distance before they can make it to their classroom. Moreover, when students stay on campus, they tend not to worry when it arranges for their utilities such as power given that the institutions will take that as their responsibility. Contrary, students who stay off campus have to worry on how to settle their utilities given that in most cases, the property owner may not be available to offer such services.

Finally, living in campus and off college has a different level of privacy. It is obvious that a student that decides to live within the campus enjoys a relatively limited level of privacy as compared to those that live off the university. Most students who live in dorms or hostels have to share their little study room or bedding place with their roommates (Vaz& Quinn, 2014). Additionally, such students also enjoy less personal space given that they also have to share their washroom with their roommates. Contrary, those that stay off campus have to enjoy their privileges of bathroom, bedroom, and other issues that demand a higher level of privacy.

However, the major similarity between those that stay off and on campus is that both students have the privileges of attending similar lecture halls and take a similar course depending with individuals areas of academic specialization.


In conclusion, it is notable that living off campus and on campus has major difference and similarities. While students who stay within the university have limited privileges to convenience, those that stay off campus tend to enjoy a higher level of privacy and convenience. Similarly, the cost that student who stays on campus pays is relatively cheaper as compared to the accommodation amount that students are staying off campus will have to pay.


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