Communication in Public Health. Essay Example.

Date:  2021-04-01 19:18:45
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I have been able to gain useful insights from this week's readings with regards to behavior change theories and how they are utilized in healthcare. I was specifically focused on bettering my understanding on the role of communication in public health on behavior change. I placed much precedence on the argument that behavior change is not an event but is rather a process and that people have varying levels of readiness to embrace change. This drew my attention and left me wondering the kind of behavior change that will take place in an environment where everyone is equally exposed?


Communication in public health can be defined as the method of advising, affecting, and inspiring individual, institutional, and open groups of onlookers about crucial wellbeing issues. On the other hand, IOM defines general wellbeing as "what we, as a general public, do on the whole to guarantee the conditions in which all individuals in the society are physically healthy. Researchers, mostly from the West have come up with theories to explain changes in current behavioral, social and communication health. Their analysis and findings expound more on critical theory, social cognitive theory, social learning theories and organizational change on public health.

Communication theory

Correspondence hypothesis investigates "who says what, in which channels, to whom, and with what impacts." It examines how messages are made, transmitted, gotten, and absorbed. At the point when connected to general wellbeing issues, the focal question speculations of correspondence try to answer is, "The way do communication forms add to, or dishearten, conduct change?". Communication analysis is focused on enhancing the wellbeing of groups rather than looking at the hidden procedures of correspondence. The general wellbeing interchanges are the logical advancement, vital spread, and assessment of significant, precise, available, and justifiable wellbeing data, conveyed to and from target groups to propel the general's prosperity.

Media Effects

The results of media scattering of thoughts, pictures, topics, and stories are named media impacts. Media results examine researchers not just how the media affect the learning, feelings, demeanors, and practices of a gathering of people individuals, additionally how group of individuals influence the media. Since a group of onlookers individuals is dynamic searches and clients of wellbeing data, the substance transmitted through the media mirrors their requirements, interests, and inclinations.

In conclusion, the advancement of theoretical point of view by researchers acts as the backbone for current communication issues on health care. These theories serve as the focal point in social cognitive dimension. The risky behavior theories have always advocated for the adoption of self-governing social policies to eradicate diseases. These propositions are articulated artfully through media channels setting agenda for the new down in health care.

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