Essay on Amazon Must Re-Evaluate Overlapping Privacy Scandal: New Alexa-Enabled Wearable Microphones

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Date:  2023-05-03

This is to remind the senior Vice President of Devices and Service at Amazon that the company has recognized that something is unfair in handling the overlapping privacy scandal in the last few years. Amazon announced at the annual hardware event that the new Alexa-enabled products when stripped, one can see that they are wearable microphones. The report displayed that Echo Buds is typically a competitor to Apple's Airpods, whereas the Echo Frames entails glasses with embedded microphones. Echo Loop is the smart ring that makes a person ping Alexa at the button touch. When these products were announced, they received remarkable applause offering many conveniences.

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According to reports, the Echo Buds will allow the users to make orders, calls, and Alexa or ping Siri to play music. The Echo loop will enable clients to ask Alexa the items contained in stock at their local Whole Foods. Since the products were launched, Amazon has registered a few cases of privacy scandals. The report also suggested human reviewers hugely access audio clips sent from Alexa-enabled speakers.

The police department plays a significant role in the company by keeping the Amazon Ring owners registries. Research supports that the clients keep purchasing what is sold by Amazon. The dissonance in this context might be an appropriate job for Mister Gotcha. In terms of sales, the smart-home products are still performing effectively amidst the tech backlash. In most instances, the customers are frustrated with hyper-digital and hyper-optimized lives.

Amazon pitches smart glasses and talking rings as a means of disconnecting from the tech tedium of responding emails, responding to texts, phone, and setting reminders. The company seeks not to include a camera or display in its Echo Frames since they want to focus on it daily.

As reported by the company, Silicon Valley established a more hectic world by turning the too-long in-person meeting into an email. Silicon Valley trimmed the emails to slack message, which needs immediate responses together with a daily torrent of viral CEO resignation, viral Tik Tok, new updates, appointment reminders, and Twitter DMs. Amazon has responded to this situation by having more products and ways to be notified.

One of the recommendations is to get more Alexa on several devices, which may aid in international expansion. By pursuing this strategy, the company shall make Alexa be more conversational that lead to discoverable skills making it less awkward to be applied. When the plan is fully utilizing human viewers will be at ease to listen to the audio clips.

As reported, it is recommended that the hired employee has to wait for a month before they begin their jobs. Research reveals that the Peace Corps agency has helped in retaining workers. However, a prolonged shutdown could cause detrimental effects on keeping workers. During any given shutdown, employees feel less motivated to work.

Employees need to be treated well to reduce the feeling of pawns in a chess game. If employees are treated like pawns in a chess game, the members feel expendable and unappreciated. Also, the kind of treatment makes the employees emotionally and financially stressed.

The emergence of a stopgap spending measure has helped in addressing the potential future shutdown's concern. The measure should be signed by the federal government even with a future extension. Amazon intends to expand Alexa to the workplace, cars, and homes. Amazon expects e-commerce giants to partner with other organizations to obtain a greater collection of Alexa devices in the market.

Amazon has announced a new feature that helps the Artificial Intelligence of the firm. Alexa Hunches' tool helps the customer to know how to interact with the smart devices by assessing the company's operation at home TV to the kitchen appliances and lights. For instance, the Alexa Hunches can pick a pattern like turning of TV before getting to bed. The new feature helps to make Alexa conscientious, convectional, opinionated, and more knowledgeable. The new feature can determine if a client whispers to the device to keep down the noise.

The Alexa Guard can recognize the sounds of breaking window glasses via home security connection and issue warning to the users for any potential threat. The machine is structured to more like a human-generated strategy, which makes them be interpretable to a person. The amazon company is working on establishing smart home devices. For instance, the company purchased a smart doorbell maker Ring as its Echo speaker devices. The strategy is effective as it allows the user to get delivery drivers to access their homes via smart-locking systems.

The developed smart devices include a microwave, a clock, and plugs that are controlled by Alexa. In the future, the devices will be easier to connect with several Wi-Fi users. However, the user will not need to have passwords to allow access to the network.

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