Climbing the Wall: A Journey to Overcome Fears and Learn a New Skill - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-15


They say that learning is a continuous process. As for me, this new adventure seemed to be scarier than I had anticipated. To me, it felt like one of the hardest things I had to learn in my life. Throughout my childhood life, I had longed to do this; citing that it was not only an essential skill in life but also an excellent exercise to become physically stronger. So, on this day, I had resolved to know it against all the odds leave alone my fears for heights." Perhaps climbing is going to boost more confidence in me," I told Diana who was going to couch me through the exercise.

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It was at the onset of springtime, and I was on a midterm break from my elementary school. The weather was quiet, pleasing, and promising. The water drops humidity signified a fully functional sauna. I could feel the heat onslaught and the sun's burning glow relentlessly. The nervousness in my face could easily be noticed even as I changed into my climbing attires. I stood there motionless, my eyes glued at the view of the high mountain that I was to climb. "Calm down, it going to be very exciting once we start climbing," said Diana, my couch reassuringly. Diana gave me a few instructions on how to go about that process, and in a few minutes, we were off climbing gradually.

Being my first-time encounter, I was naturally afraid. My couch Diana could see the fear on my face as my legs wobbled and sweat trickled down my body. Awful thoughts were running through my mind as I kept looking down, up, up-down, sideways, my body randomly, and I did this countlessly. It was at this point that Diana had to confirm with me if I was okay..."Is everything okay here, dear? "Diana asked. I answered amidst fear and stammer, "Yes! Yes! Couch, take me down please, I don't want to die yet...I can't imagine what my funeral is going to be ...Please couch it is too early for me to die, tell my parents that I love them. "I kept saying these repeatedly as Diana reassured me that everything would be just fine.

At this moment, I was feeling a sharp, strange feeling in his stomach, coupled with fast racing of my heart besides the fact that my legs had become stiff and my palms sweaty and clammy. Since we were almost halfway, my fear was mainly steered by the fact that I was a long way from the ground and the rough terrain that I would fall on should anything go wrong. I felt that my sense of security was much threatened at some point. I immediately started mumbling words of prayer now. You see, right now, I felt that prayer was the only available option left for me now. I prayed to God to help me not to fall, I prayed for one ultimate strength, strength, and confidence, just like Samson did under the captivity of the Philistines. I have to admit that at some point, I even started repenting my sins to the Almighty, just in case I fell and died. In all her coaching experience, Diana had couched several students but never before had she met a student so much afraid of heights and yet eager to learn. Much as I was scared of climbing, I was very determined to learn. It was something that I had wanted to learn for a very long time now. Nothing was going to stop me now, not even my fears. I had the resolve of a river, determined to reach its destination in spite of obstacles and stumbling blocks.

So, up, I proceeded. It was after few steps from halfway that I gradually gained momentum and confidence. I now started climbing a nit with ease, though steadily. We slowly and cautiously climbed to the top, though tired unusually for me, I felt my legs stiff, but I proceeded anyway. I did this till we reached the peak of the mountain. By the time we reached the mountain peak, I was exhausted, thirsty, and sweating. Luckily we had carried water bottles on our back bags. We slowly climbed to the top, and I gained more experience and exposure. The exercise went on, even as we descended to the bottom and ascended again for the third time.

At first, the experience was challenging owing to my phobia for heights; I was excited that I finally did it. I was also thankful to Diana for the experience adventure. It is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. I am proud to be one of the best climbers in our region. Climbing has become my best hobbies, and I do it anytime I am free. Last year I enrolled in the juniors'' climbing competition in the city, and I emerged the first runners up. My parents and siblings are very proud of me for this. I look forward to coaching the juniors in my area shortly.

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