Classroom Management: Technique & Skills for Smooth Learning - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-26


Classroom management can be referred to as the technique and skills a teacher or instructor uses to ensure that the learning process runs smoothly without disruptive behavior from the students. The classroom arrangement plays a vital role in the act of students depending on the time of the day. For example, in the morning preps, the minds of the learners are very active compared to the evening hours. Therefore, a teacher needs to ensure that he/she applies the right management of the classroom to bring out the positive behavior among the students, especially in the morning.

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I would place the teacher's desk in front of the class in the morning meetings. There is an advantage if the teacher faces students during instructions. In the morning hours, as a teacher, it is the right time to teach students while standing at the front to ensure they are concentrating. While standing at the front, maintaining eye contact with the students becomes easy. The advantages of maintaining eye contact with the learners are that it reduces the likelihood of distraction behaviors as well as emphasizes the content.

Nevertheless, if the students are working from the board, it is appropriate to set the teacher's desk at the back. The advantages of placing the counter at the back are that the teacher will avoid blocking students from the board. Also, some students may prefer sitting at the end to prevent interaction with the teacher. Therefore while the teacher is at the back, he/she engages those learners to the lesson..Secondly, after placing the teacher's desk, it is crucial to consider the arrangement of the student's desk. One during morning classes, it is appropriate to set the counters at straight lines. The advantage of this arrangement is that it discourages discussion in class. In the morning students are better doing their work while in the evening, discussions are encouraged. Besides, with the desks arranged in a straight row, the teacher can walk around the classroom, checking the work of the students. Straight-line row arrangement also encourages individual revision or learning, and thus students get to know the areas they need more knowledge than when in groups. Therefore, during morning meetings, the student's desks should be arranged in straight rows.

However, it is not a good idea for the teacher to arrange the students according to their performance since it is most likely that the well-performing students will sit at the front while the weak performing learner sits at the back. That is, a teacher should have a unique way of arranging students and knowing which students sit where. Sitting according to alphabetic letters is one way in which a teacher can utilize. Another way is to alternate boys and girls if the schools have both genders. Besides, a teacher can ask students to choose their sitting arrangement. More important is to ensure that the sitting method brings the best positive behavior among the students.


In conclusion, a teacher should consider three things to enhance the student's positive behavior. The first way of arranging is the position of the teacher's desk, which can be at the front or the back of the class. Secondly, a teacher should consider the arrangement of the students' desks, which depending on the time of day, should be appropriate. Lastly, the students' sitting arrangement can be according to the gender, alphabetic letter of their first name or their preferences.

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