ASL Expressive Assignments

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*You may have a help sheet (bullets or general outline of ideas) to refer to, but do not write a script or read from the paper while signing. Notes are allowed on the front of an index card during the presentation.

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How I grade? Vocabulary, facial expression, role shifting, fluent, and ASL grammar, fingerspelling

Expressive Assignment #2

You will have a script-signed conversation with your assigned partner. The topics covered during the scripts are outlined for you in advance and covers everything you learned during the semester. You need to be prepared to know all vocabulary and four scripts because I will pick one of the four scripts without any notice on which one will be chosen. (25 points)

These four scripts are related to the lessons in Lessons 1-10. The instructor will send you the four scripts through Angel, in which you will keep. You will need to know the signs and how to communicate the four scripts. If you are not sure how to sign a particular word, or words, you may look it up on the American Sign Language dictionary, ask the instructor or go to LA-109 they will help you before the presentation starts; preferably while you are practicing and looking over the scripts to avoid looking at the paper during your presentation. You may refer to the paper as a reference tool, but not as a format to follow the whole time.

You will need to set up partners for this presentation assignment. You and your partner will practice the four scripts and the conversation in each script. Then you may pick A or B for your presentation. I will pick one of the four scripts on the actual day of presentations.

How do I grade the presentations?

I will give each of you a separate grade. If you pick an A, and the other person picks a B, I will make note of this. During the presentation I will circle, the words you signed incorrectly and then count the mistakes. Depending on the number of mistakes will determine your final grade, which is either an A or B.

If you have any questions, please ASK me, and/or receive tutoring or have a study group. You will be required to present the assigned conversation. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

ASL 2 Level

Expressive Assignment: You are required to pick a childs storybook and summarize the story. The topics that will need to be covered when summarizing the book is outlined for you in advance and covers everything you learned during the semester. (30 points)

For this storytelling presentation, please summarize the main point of a story and be able to explain what the characters looks like: You are able to explain using signs for the characters clothes (patterns, what it looks like), appearance, and hairstyle.

How to choose the right book? Your book should have: many pictures with less English. There should be two or three characters to avoid too many characters in the book, It does not need to be a novel; I would suggest using a few pages of the book. The books you should avoid: Dr. Seuss, Disney Books, and books that are repetitive.

I will give a demonstration via video and during class. You will need to bring a children's book for the instructor's approval before you start practicing the signs. You are required to give your instructor a DVD-R, I will burn the video on your DVD then return it to you during class or the next class. I will hand out the presentation rubric. You will need to watch the video of your own presentation then write down comments on what you need to improve. When you are finished, give it to the instructor. I will give your feedback through the video and rubric including any/all comments. If you are not prepared when we have our meeting consultation then I will ask you to reschedule. Follow the directions given in the presentation rubric handout, PLEASE read it very carefully.

ASL 2 Evaluation Rubric Excellent Average Need Work

ASL grammar

(4 points)

Facial Expression?

(4 points)

ASL Classifiers

(4 points)

ASL Fluency(4 points)

Clear Sign Language

(2.5 points)

Able to use more vocabulary

(1.5 points)

Clear Fingerspell

(2.5 points)

Lean left for one person, right for the other, Alternating back and forth for each comment

(2.5 points)

ASL 2 Signed Presentation Rubric

Student Name: ________________________________________ Grade ____________________

CATEGORY 5 3 1 0

Sign Accuracy

Signs are clear and accurate during most or the entire presentation Signs are accurate and clear about 80% of the time Sign placement and direction are correct 50% of the time Signs are difficult to read



Student uses several props (could include costume) that show considerable work/creativity and which make the presentation better. Student uses 1 prop that shows considerable work/creativity and which make the presentation better. Student uses 1 prop which makes the presentation better. The student uses no props OR the props chosen detract from the presentation.

Facial Expression

Uses appropriate facial expression during entire presentation to indicate grammar and stress Uses good facial expression during most of presentation Uses some facial expression only when making an emphasis No facial expression noted

Posture and Eye Contact

Stands up straight, looks relaxed and confident. Establishes eye contact with everyone in the room during the presentation. Stands up straight and establishes eye contact with everyone in the room during the presentation. Sometimes stands up straight and establishes eye contact. Slouches and/or does not look at people during the presentation.

Body Language

Body language is appropriate during entire presentation Body language supports material presented but isnt consistent Some Body language is used Student does not use any body language


Uses classifiers at least twice during presentation that are appropriate and correct and make the content more efficient

Classifiers are used but do not appropriately express/support idea

Attempts to use classifiers but not correct

Doesn't use any classifiers

Conceptually Accurate

Entire presentation in ASL and ideas are presented with appropriate conceptual sign

Students mix some concepts with English signs but correct self

Some concepts are signed in ASL. Presentation is conducted in English literal language


Signed Presentations: Three In-Class Presentation will be required. The presentation must incorporate both, 1) one Deaf Cultural Awareness experience, and 2) grammatical principles presented in specific videotext units. Each student must sign up for a presentation date. Early bird bonus: earlier presentations require less time and students are responsible for fewer videotext units. Maximum of 7 students allowed per day; first come, first served!

The In-Class Presentation schedule is as follows: (you will sign up for one time only)

*Week 4 Presentations- Units 13-14 (5-6 minutes) Feb 5, 10, and 12

*Week 8 Presentations- Units13-15 (8-9 minutes) March 3, 5, and 17

*Week 11 Presentations- Units13-16 (10 minutes) March 26, 31, and April 11

The purpose of the presentations is to provide an opportunity to communicate ideas and experiences you have had related to Deaf Culture/the Deaf community (by way of your CAAs), and to demonstrate your language development and fluency. Remember- you are communicating with your classmates and instructor, not performing for them! If people do not understand you they will be expected to ask questions (they may be given a quiz on their understanding of your presentation, so be prepared for questions!). Grading will be based on the following:

Your Cultural Awareness Assignment experiences are to be incorporated into your Signed Presentation.

Deaf people always talked about the deaf events, or explain etc


Signed Presentations:

Grading will be based on the following:

Incorporation of material from the appropriate videotext units:

ASL vocabulary (appropriate)

Signing Clarity (fluency and control)

Non-manual markers and modifiers (ASL grammar)

Eye Contact (interactive and natural)

Syntax (sign order and phrasing; pauses and transitions)

Use of Space (grammatical; characterization)

Sign production (handshapes, movement, location, palm orientation)


The consultation/meeting is required to receive your grade.

To prepare for the consultation/meeting you must do the following:

Observe the DVD presentation, at least 2 times

Take notes on your vocabulary, grammar, etc., and bring them to your meeting

ASL grammar (sentence types: brows, and adverbs/adjectives: mouth)

ASL grammar (use of space: subject-object referencing, pluralizing, indexing, etc.)

ASL vocabulary (pronouns, verbs, classifiers, etc.)

Fingerspelling (location, palm direction, spelling, etc.)

Prepare questions related to the presentation and bring them to your meeting

Make your consultation appointment as soon as possible after your presentation date (giving yourself time to do the above work); do not wait until the end of the semester, when I will not have time available

Have the DVD cued up and ready for the consultation appointment, as well as your notes and questions

Bring paper/pen for taking notes during consultation appointment


Make an appointment for a consultation time; consultations will be held at the classroom/lobby Please let me know as soon as possible.

Meetings take approximately 10-20 minutes.

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