Character Analysis Essay on Gatsby in 'The Great Gatsby'

Paper Type:  Literature review
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  610 Words
Date:  2022-02-12


The Great Gatsby is a story based on love between a man and a woman. The title character and hero of the novel, Gatsby is a prosperous young man who lives in a mansion in West Egg. He is self-made and the essence of the American Dream. One of the preferred topics in the novel is the immoral and harmful nature of the society imposed on the individual. As such, the individual attempts to attain a projected model but does not succeed. The Great Gatsby has the character, Gatsby and is a reflection of how society pressures a character and certainly perverts him.

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Gatsby's relationship with Daisy was halted when he was shipped overseas by the army during the First World War. Upon returning five years later, he was determined to increase his status so that she could love him. The reinvention required money and was financed through illegal activities. He built a mansion and hosted lavish parties which depicted the emphasis on the culture of the 1920s, which was mostly on status and wealth. As such, the novel is Fitzgerald's interpretation of the deceitful behavior of individuals who wish to obtain the favor of the upper class. Moreover, the Roaring 20s was the essence of enhancing a person's situation in life (Kruse). The irony is, however, in the culture's morals and tried control of the individual frequently resulted in people tracking improvement through prohibited and unethical means.

Gatsby has ventured into gambling, stealing and obtaining money through secretive ways. These are low activities which he has stooped into to promote his position in the society. It is quite ironic, but it also portrays the way the community in which he lives in is suffocating. His community is constructed on the idea that for one to attain their dreams, they should be at the top and in a position to influence others as well (Bertrand 5).

It is fundamental to note that there are lies which have been told about personal history. All the guests at Gatsby's parties, which are held consistently hardly, know anything about their host. Besides, Gatsby is not quite active despite his claims that he went to Oxford. The characters become hypocrites since they do not believe that they can accomplish anything by themselves (Kruse). As such, through these forms of scenarios, the author has demonstrated the upper class and those who are aspiring to be part of them in a negative way.

Gatsby's funeral was attended by his father, Nick and some of his servants. It thus shows that he did not leave any lasting memory behind in the always forward-moving world. It thus links discontent with the empty culture, and the idea that is concentrating on greed and obtaining more does not raise personal association (Bertrand 6). Despite his work and misery to attain a proud model, it is apparent that material possessions do not routinely transform to human connection.


The essay has explored the standards of the fictional society in which Gatsby exists and how he is affected by and responds to them as well. It has been depicted that he engages in illicit activities to alleviate his status and even get a woman to love him. He also hosts parties routinely where people hardly know anything about him. As such, the characters end up being viewed as hypocrites since they do not believe they can attain anything by their efforts.

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