The Character of Marcus Brutus in Shakespeare Essay Example

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Marcus Brutus in Shakespeare has been portrayed to be a conflicted man, who has been in the forefront and genuinely concerned about citizens of Rome during the rise of Julius Caesar. The term Brutus has been referred to be the noble Roman of them all; this is because of the sincerity in motivation to conspire against Caesar. Unlike other plotters, Brutus has not been interested in the advancement of his social status or gaining the increase of authority throughout in Rome. Hence, he is concerned more on the future of-of the republic and has been aspiring in preventing Caesar from ruling the territory as a dictator for his life. Brutus has got knowledge of the dangers associated when someone has full powers in authority, and he is convinced Caesar is ambitious enough of becoming a monarch. Despite Brutus loyalty associated with the Roman population, he is also a close ally and a trusted friend to Caesar. The personal relationship they have makes it difficult for Brutus to make decisions which conspire against him. The appeal on the relationship matters since there is significance on the share of values as they work together thus this brings in the difficulty for Brutus to go against his friend.

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Despite the positive reputation and noble personality of Brutus, he is seen by many to be a naive person, who at most of the time makes the decisions throughout the day which are very costly and unwarranted. Cassius and the rest of the conspirators usually take advantage of Brutus the support he has been integral to their success. Brutus has the appeal on authority since the people know him a lot and can give him reliable power when it comes to killing Caesar. The reason behind this is on the Brutus flexibility to accept all Caesar's cases and issues in Rome (PALMER, J. 2013). It is when they realized that Brutus is a respected leader throughout Rome and the masses would favor their decisions in the assassination of Caesar if they find support from Brutus and conspires with them. Brutus believes on the fake letters Cassius writes and agrees to them to participate in Caesar's assassinations. Brutus eventually makes a costly mistake and decision by allowing Mark Antony to speak and live during Caesar's funeral, which led the masses turns against him and the present senators.

Brutus eventually leads his army against Octavius by making them, "believe that the enemy was coming on them" thus creating a confession that made them head into town. Notably, this made Antony revealing his pure intentions when in an argument with Cassius. The ability and power of Brutus leading the army show that he has authority in Rome regarding the military he was controlling. Therefore, Brutus discloses his guilt for trying to attempt by conspiring as opposed to Caesar when he works to see his ghost before the final battle. Brutus also shows his respect disposition when trying to run through his sword at the finish of the play rather than to be captured by Octavius. Overall, Marcus Brutus has been depicted to be a genuine man, nobleman, who has been inconsistent about the assassination of-of Julius Caesar and he makes several costly decisions, which eventually lead to his tragic death (PALMER, J. 2013).

Brutus in Shakespeare is one of the main actors in the play, who has been characterized to be a staunch defender to the Roman Republic. Which means that he was advocating for balances and checks within the government and he believes on the importance of the Senate, it is essential in keeping in mind, because the Brutus ancestors were able to drive out their last king of Rome by establishing a republic? So, Brutus blood runs on the importance of being a republic hence opposes anybody who tries to be a dictator even his friend Caesar.

Brutus is also characterized by the fact as one who is genuine fondness to Caesar. This affection of him makes him act so tragically. He is portrayed as a man of honor hence; his enemies understand it well thus uses it to enlist with the help of Brutus. Also, he was characterized in the same way as Cato, who is another man of principle and honor.


Conclusively, based on all the above points, we can conclude that while other people kill Caesar out of rivalry and envy, Brutus usually does it because of loyalty to the state. Hence, Brutus is the only conspirator who plots the killing of Caesar on the importance and to the sake of Rome. We can also conclude that he embodies the dignity of Rome. Hence, Brutus termed a tragic hero. He even chooses the state over his friends.


PALMER, J. (2013). Comic Characters Of Shakespeare. Read Books Ltd.

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