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Change management in the world we are now is moving drastically. Scientific interventions and global technology are advancing faster. The rate of discovery and change is very intense to the level of not keeping with an individuals' ability to cope with. The firms and institutions we do work intend to change on a timely basis. Change is very critical in one's life since it gives a clear depiction of how change happens and ways of achieving changes in life. The managers and leaders remain to rely on a change to comprehend on their teams, organizations, and different individuals. Change management is studied for the leaders to appreciate the timely management of advancements that occur daily as a leader change gives the organizations that are operated poorly a chance of realizing the issues amongst its staff. The learning on change management is of a great experience that is fulfilling to all staff while they work to meet more needs. The fulfillment of lives in a firm is essential since it helps in the management of time and thus realizing the daily changes for better scanning of the environment. In my life, change plays a critical role since it should be well apprehended, lead well, and managed for the realization of satisfying and fulfill the many dreams.

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Human beings are at the tail since they decide on whether the change is of success or not. Notably, change starts from one individual, and then a large group follows. The implications that accompany change begin with that of an individual for better access. The efficiency of change on a large scale is met on the achievement of individual changes consolidated together. Change relies mostly on perspectives of models and frameworks set by different people on how things want to be solved. The support of organization life depends on the theme of ascendancy. Most firms tend to use teams for the achievement of successful changes (Cameron, & Green, 2015). Teamwork and collaboration are vital elements that help in pushing to get more achievement for success to be realized. Organizational change is termed to offer more concrete ideas to help in illustrating the functions of a team. Leadership is very vital, and it is defined as inventions that occur in the futuristic times. Management is also critical in making the changes in a firm since it helps in delivering the current needs. Effective leadership styles and management models are very key in depicting the organizational change of any given firm or institution.

Moreover, change is sieved and illustrated on the approaches to offers on the many challenges bewildering firms today. In the 21st century, there are a lot of issues that are very hard to be solved. The only remedy for leadership issues is on having modern leadership that provides an act of balance. All the leaders are opted to accept impacts for better navigation of different opposites as a leader change should be illuminated through a lens by having a balance between mistakes and success, and the long term and short term goals. The individual should be motivated to account personally for mistakes done for better development of suitable teamwork. Despite leadership being key and played by many leaders, management is very crucial since it should be done harmoniously. As a leader, a shift for both comprehensions of leadership and management is critical. Life is depicted through the effective management of resources that bring about good leadership. For change to be realized there should be distinct perspectives that aid in generating insights and ideas for the emergence of good ideas. Change is met by any individual that offers a fairground for judging between right and wrong. Leaders should, therefore, be in a position to balance dimensions that include personal and organizational contexts (Cullen, Edwards, Casper, & Gue, 2014). The dimension that should be balanced by the leaders composes of outcomes, emotions, and interests. As a manager of change critical balance of the three dimensions helps in steering forward for better life alignment of issues. The theory of three dimensions gives the managers and leaders time to know how to plan and achieve their long term goals. Change is measured on how you can manage, how to cope with it, and the measurement of help to the other individuals.

Nevertheless, as a leader, the book on Change management has offered me a fairground on where I am at this time of influences of the best theory to use in leadership. Change is also very dynamic basing on the ability that you can illustrate in the community and thus need to be well planned. Management and leadership correlate for better achievement of success in a firm and therefore offer all staff in a firm to make decisions without discrimination. Team development is also paramount in giving better results for success. Organizational change stipulates the abilities and passions a leader should set for long term strategies to be realized. According to the ability and set goals I have as a leader, all that is needed is having good leadership skills and learning how to manage change. The helping of any individual depends on balancing of tension while controlling and planning change. It remains to be hard to control and anticipate change, and thus it should be given time and a good comprehension of different ideas controlled. Complexity science helps in the management of the complexities in the changes taking place in our daily undertakings.

Arguably, the motivation of an individual is the start of a change in the world. Things appear to change daily based on the differences in the motivation strategies synthesized by leaders and managers. Process of change to be achieved by any given leader he or she needs to have an interconnection of teams, organizations, and individuals. The values that I put forward are on prioritizing interventions through welcoming ideas from different individuals (Gareis, 2010). Also, for any problem to be solved in the dynamic world, we are in the most alternative approach is on working together as teams. The consolidation of ideas from various people helps in developing concrete advancements for change and solving of issues that accompany dynamic difference. My worldview on change management is on belief in innovation and intervention as the main ways of change. The world changes daily, and if you don't be keen on the timely planning and controlling of ideas, then you will be left behind. Any individual, especially the young generation, has to work on the dynamic changes for better access to the global advantages that are created through management and leadership in an organization. Technological changes are the most advancing field, and people tend to neglect thinking on the change as something simple. Life is very complex with changes taking place, and therefore, the most amicable option is on the development of suitable leadership and management approaches (Heywood, 1989). The organizational change appreciates the staff through motivation and offer of positions that need the help of good management and leadership skills. Change, control, and leadership are the three pillars for better solving of complex change in any given firm.

The agency role of a leader should be well instilled into the understanding of the critical functions for the agent change to be developed. The two perspectives used for the viewing of change are on the competency and self-tools for individual change. Change is essential since it helps in creating more comprehension for theoretical aspects to be well synthesized. The main elements that include the individual, organizational, and tea are used for learning in the perception of variance in change. A leader should learn all these elements for better access to being a suitable manager and leader. The skills and knowledge are acquired through the adoption of new approaches for the management of personal change. The different change procedures are available with guidelines and tips for the managers to get well informed and to learn more about the daily changes it occurs in the current interventions and innovations. Organizational restructuring is also very fundamental since it helps in getting a leader in the right way of doing things and thus avoiding misplaced responses on change.

There are areas as a leader I need to put more effort for the better advancement of change in the organization. It remains to have set objectives and goals for the realization of change to be reached in a firm. The first area of concern is on the apprehension of the approaches of change that include; cognitive, humanistic, behavioral, and cognitive models. The process and learning of change should be well harnessed for the models of leadership to help in comprehension of change in an individual. Secondly, it is on making sure that I am dynamic to global issues, thus reflect on the alternative options to perceive change. Thirdly is to allow all people in the organization to express their views. Expression of one's views aid in creating a diplomatic ground that helps solve problems easily. The fourth area for concern that I need to put attention on is the development of a winning consensus. For the creation of a winning consensus, it aids in cutting through challenges, thus fostering on the organizational and individual changes. Also, the planning schedule should be flexible for easy adjustments on any changes that may take place. A good leader develops a suitable job through awesome planning and free adjustments on the need. Change needs the flexibility to avoid complexities that bring problems to the testing of fitness of technology in any given situational advancement. All the areas synthesized above when the well-planned and managed change will be met amicably, thus allowing success and mistakes to be identified.

The cultural change is viewed to vary from one community to another basing on ethics and values. The exposure level of a society determines how its leaders tend to view change, and thus they should be studied well. Cultural change should be facilitated to help the community to accept the changes in the technology and thus appreciate with minimal criticism (Kegan, & Lahey, 2001). Sustainability of success in making changes aids in having a view of project and program approaches. The leading changes are used for making sure that sustainable success is well illuminated.

The ability to instigate change on my side is through the development of models and approaches to change. Revision is very dynamic, and it develops, goes with time, and it depends on life insights. Change is taken to be difficult, and therefore the only option available is on the identification of weak areas on leadership and development of proper management strategies. All the mistakes and accounting responsibility of all individuals should be studied wholly for individual and organization change to be apprehended. The drawbacks that hold me back on change include lack of flexible tie schedules, minimal leadership and management skills, lack of tolerance, and lack of trust in the staff. All these drawbacks hold e back on the lack of understanding of change and how it should be managed (Tang, 2019). The reading of the book on Change Management has provided me with full depictions of how change is controlled and planned for success to be realized.


In summary, on the forward-moving, I will manage change with the start of individual change before large scale change management. Change is well illustrated through having an individual's view, and percepts on the way change should be taken. Organizations depend on change development through the use of the diplomatic leadership style that offers raise of issues and generation of ideas. The working staffs in any given firm need to have patience, be timely and have the freedom to give...

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