A Report on Change Requirements for Fast Tack

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Date:  2022-04-28

Change requirements in an organization entail the response of employees and stakeholders to the new business process such as budget allocations or changes in the structure of the organization etc. Many employees usually have problems adapting to these changes and this has led to conflicts in many organizations so it is only imperative to examine the factors that are instrumental in adapting to changes in an organization. Moreover, with the constantly dynamic business environment and the daily technological advancements, an organization has to remain susceptible to change in order to be competitive. The business has to look fresh and appealing at all times to attract new clients and keep the old ones too. Therefore our report will be based on the change requirements in an organization called Fast Track Couriers.

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Fast Track Couriers has strategic, operational and human resource plan goals that need to be achieved within the shortest time possible. However, the courier company needs to make changes in its structure and operation in order to achieve the stipulated plan goals within the documented duration. Besides, the changes will not be beneficial to the organization unless some clearly defined change requirements are outlined and implemented in the organizational framework. Therefore the discussion seeks to examine and contextualize the change requirements in Fast Track Couriers and link the requirements to the strategic plan goals.

Analysis of Issues

Sensitizing employees on the benefits of change. Employees are always the biggest barriers to organizational change because of the bad attitude exhibited by some of them. Moreover, many employees always think of organizational changes as a managerial strategy to send away some employees. Herein many employees are always worried about their job security when the changes are implemented. Therefore most employees will always fight these changes at their primary stages to avoid losing their jobs. The organization needs to educate the employees on the benefits of change and guarantee their job security. Fast Track Couriers needs to educate their employees that organizational changes might lead to promotion in some instances. Also, those employees who are resistant to change out rightly like the drivers need to assured of their jobs after the change is implemented. Consequently, the employees will concur with the organizational changes and work harder to be promoted once these changes are actualized. The latter will also result in motivation among the employees. In addition, education of the employees on the benefits of unity will lead to cohesiveness towards the achievement of Fast Courier's strategic plan goals.

Secondly, appropriate communication channels are key. The way the change is communicated to the employees will determine its acceptance in the long run. Herein, the communication strategy has to incorporate all employees and has to make the right timing. The best time to communicate a change is when the employees have just been paid and are in a good mood to entertain the changes. On the other hand, the change can be communicated before company retreats which are always a good time for the employees to let loose. Furthermore, the organization must identify those employees who according to past experiences are resistant to change and require proper communication to get on board. Therefore Fast Track Couriers needs to invent appropriate channels to communicate to the drivers who are the most resistant to change. Management can use the Personal Digital Assistants like mobile phones to communicate the change personally to the drivers before including other employees. In addition, the change has to be communicated in such a way that the benefits are clearly outlined for the pessimistic employees not to resist the change. Besides, the method will be instrumental in helping the company to fulfill its strategic plan goals of utilizing the Personal Digital Assistants and GPS technologies.

Thirdly, Fast Track Couriers will require adequate finances. Changes in the organizational structure come with a lot of unseen expenses in the long run. For example, Fast Track Couriers strategic goal of increasing small to Medium packages in the Metropolitan area by 7.5 % to serve a bigger market will require finances a great deal. Besides, they will have to employ more drivers because the existing drivers need not be overworked. The increased market will also involve clients who are very demanding on the quality of delivery. Therefore, Fast Track Couriers, will have to make some quality changes in its structure and quality means employing more finances to get the best facilities. Also, the best staff who are good at what they do and mindful of customer relations.

Furthermore, it is imperative that the company carries out an extensive evaluation process to ensure that the change manageable. Fast Track Couriers strategic goal is to develop a cohesive and well-motivated workforce. Relating to this fact, changes might disorient the original cohesiveness of the staff because new, different ways of carrying out daily tasks are introduced. Some employees might find the change frustrating and decide to leave the organization. Besides, new employees will have to come on board which might also disturb the original structure at Fast Track Couriers. Therefore the organization has to ensure that it carries out sufficient evaluation and get feedback from all the affected stakeholders and staff. Consultation is essential in the change process to avoid blame games in the end when it gets hard. Also, feedbacks must be attended to including concerns either from the staff or stakeholders addressed in an open and transparent manner to foster inclusivity.

Current State Against Strategic Goals


Fast Track Couriers boasts of a highly motivated, cohesive and hardworking head office employees who work closely together. However, other employees do not really share in the head office cohesiveness at Fast Couriers. These employees include the divers who have constantly complained of low pay and are resistant to any changes initiated by the management. The number of people served by Fast Track Couriers is limited because the drivers who deliver the packages use their backs to lift and deliver the packages which are sometimes very heavy. The drivers have formally complained of back problems and that's why the management responded by putting two drivers per track. In addition, the drivers are very keen on working as a team and have in the past disputed the organizations need to put one driver per truck. However, the organization strategic goal to install an automatic lift gate at the back of each track is a strong move which will make the diver's work easier. On The other hand, the organization needs to employ more drivers to drive the other 8 trucks they want to buy instead of separating the two drivers per truck. Relating to Fast Track Couriers current status, the drivers are not very happy and that's why they are constantly complaining about low pay and other factors in the company. Therefore the organization needs to find a way to make the drivers happy for example employing more drivers to facilitate the two-man per track strategy. The move will make the drivers happy and they will, in turn, serve a larger market.

Policies and processes

Fast Track Couriers mainly delivers the packages to the clients through the trucks. The trucks contain two drivers each who load and unload the packages physically. Besides, the company's employees work from 9 to 5 daily except the general manager who is always on the road. However, the company intends to develop a cohesive workforce and increase the amount of small and medium-sized delivery by 7.5 percent. In addition, the company also seeks to engage the PDA technology to ensure that the company keeps in touch with modern issues. Therefore the company needs to unite the employees by organizing meetings and retreats to foster the strategic goal of cohesiveness.


The company communicates with its employees via email and personal digital assistants (PDA). Moreover, all trucks are fitted with the GPS to guide the drivers on where to make drop-offs and pick-ups. Therefore the company has employed the new technology satisfactorily. However, to meet the company's strategic goal of utilizing new technology and expanding the market, the company needs to install other new technology like the strong wireless network at the office. The network means an addition of computers as well at the office which will be used to monitor the activities in the field. In addition, the company also needs to install security cameras in the office and in the trucks to ensure transparency in case there is customer complaint or to avoid the loss of packages.


Fast Track Couriers is comprised of the general manager, chief financial officer, accountant, truck drivers, office manager and office team members. The chief financial officer and the office manager report directly to the general manager while the other employees report to the two administrators. However, the strategic goals of expanding the business will have an impact on the structure of the company. In that more employees will have to come on board to manage the increased workforce. For example, more divers will have to be employed to drive the eight new trucks the company is purchasing. In addition, the office team members who oversee the delivery activities will have to be increased or else they will work more hours because of the increase in the number of clients served.

External Trends

External trends which will impact on the business include competition and new technology. Firstly, competition from similar courier companies is very critical. Many companies have been kicked out of business because they failed to pay attention to their competitors. Fast Track Courier Company has to evaluate what its competitors are doing in order to always be ahead by doing better. Secondly, new technology is essential for the type of business Fast Track Courier engages in. The contemporary society has been heavily influenced by new technology and Fast Track has to always be at per with technology inventions.

Major Operational Change Requirements

Changes due to Performance Gaps

Fast Track Couriers needs to motivate employees before implementing the changes. The head office employees are the best because they are cohesive and motivated, however, the others are not. The management needs to motivate the drivers who do not share in the enthusiasm by putting two drivers in each track the way they have always demanded. In addition, the automatic lift gate will also be instrumental in motivating the drivers. The other employees may lack motivation and cohesiveness because they are never promoted or their salaries are never increased. Fast Track Couriers needs to evaluate why the head office employees are cohesive and then implement the factor on the rest of the staff.

Changes Due To Business Opportunities

The market also needs to be reevaluated in order to identify exactly what the clients' need. The evaluation will help the company to expand even more hence more profits in the long run. For example, the company can talk to their clients in case they want special deliveries to their spouses or lovers. The special delivery will be charged a little more than the normal rates but the delivery will be of high quality with special bright packages according to the client's specifications. The company has to always be dynamic to the needs of the clients.

Changes due to Threats

The number one threat to any business is the competition. Fast Track Courier has to beware of the competition and identify those areas where they need to improve...

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