Cauldron's Opinion on Barbie Conventions

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Date:  2022-04-14

The writer called Cauldron is not a Barbie fanatic. Cauldron affirms that "for all of the people who were light up whenever they saw a Barbie, it had nothing to do with her" (139). In addition to that, Cauldron had a negative attitude towards the Barbie dolls because she could not comprehend or relate and connect to the Barbie culture. Barbie lovers love its clothes and complexion and look at Barbie as an essential aspect of their daily lives. According to the people who study this kind of culture Barbie's are only second only to stamp as one of the most popular hobbies. Cauldrons also state that although in reality, she fails to come to terms with anything that resembles a doll.

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Cauldrons Interviews

During Cauldrons initial meeting with Debbie, who is a co-chair of the Barbie doll convention, owning approximately 3,000 Barbie's. The conference is a clear indication of how Barbie fanatics value and appreciate the dolls. According to Cauldrons "Those among us who enjoy Barbie's because of the surrounding," (139). Such a consuming passion had to be caused by more than a color. According to Debbie, there are two types of collectors, those who keep barbies in the box and those who remove them. However, Sandi Holden represents another generation of Collectors who remove the barbies from the boxes as Sandi Holden states that the sign of a Barbie in a box looks as if it's screaming to be released (142). On the other hand, people like Judy usually collect barbies because of their sentimental values as seen when her son died, and she was given a Barbie as a sign of remembrance (144). Barbie doll community mainly takes part in charitable organizations and nonprofit organizations like Toys 4 tots and angel unaware which carters for children living with HIV and AIDS. From the interview with I Cauldron learned that approximately ten months after her seventeen-year-old son convinced her to join a live chat room about Barbie's, he was killed in an attack at Wedgewood Church located in Texas. After the shooting incident, people from her online Barbie family coalesced and became a full-time, all day, and round-the-clock call support team to empower her and other Barbie collectors. They gave her money, care vouchers and contributed thousands of dollars to a tuition fund made in her son's name. The family contacted a guy called Mattel, who ensured that Judy received a special collector's Barbie that was handwritten with a quote on the first Christmas after her son's demise.

Impact of the Barbie Community

Through interacting with different Barbie doll fanatics, Cauldrons perspective about the culture has been indeed transformed. First and foremost, Cauldrons now views the culture as an income generating activity because a person like Sandi Holden gets to earn close to a million dollars annually (141). She also now appreciates the culture since it takes part in community development activities like charity which can empower other people in the society. I remember, I once I made a prejudicial judgment of the Indian culture before necessarily knowing their culture. The community seemed barbaric and hostile from my point of view. However, after meeting them, my perception about them changed as I learned that their aggressive and traditional ways of life were as a result of their intimate attachment to their cultural values which have been passed down from one generation to the other. While interrogating Judy, my perception was indeed changed, "It was Thanksgiving night in the year 1998, my son told me that: `Mom, there's a high chance a live chat room where one gets to interact with other Barbie fanatics.' I found that absurd. This is because I wasn't conversant with anything about the Internet or live chat rooms. He located a reliable site, and registered me, and even created a screen name on my behalf. The change was good because I was online having conversations with Barbie fanatics and the entire community until about two o'clock in the morning. As a result, I met good people" (144).

Why We Make Prejudicial Judgments

Human's beings are highly social creatures. The human brains have developed over the years to enable us to adapt and thrive well in complicated social surroundings. Our characters and emotions allow us to move around our social spheres which are intertwined in networks of neurons deep inside the brains. In addition to that, Social motivations, like the urge to be a member of a specific group or to race with other people, are among our basic needs. In fact, the brain can assess membership within a microsecond. This ability is the most necessary instinct for our survival, and this has mostly become a detriment aspect of our society. On the other hand, a clear understanding of the neural network controlling the body's impulses, and those that temper with the bodies functions, may shed light on how to solve social injustices that plague the globe.

On the other hand, in social psychology, prejudice refers to an attitude toward an individual by his or her membership. Additionally, Prejudice has grown in humans because at one time it empowered us to shun real danger that was at hand. At its core, prejudice refers to an organization of the sensory cue to an innate behavioral response or stimuli. In dangerous circumstances, time is one of the essential aspects of daily activities of humans. Therefore, as time goes by human beings develop mechanisms to respond fast to visual cues that our brains see as dangerous without our conscious awareness. In a nutshell, our brains have evolved the tendency to see something terrible when it is, in fact, harmless erroneously. However, it is dangerous to make false-positive assumptions without adequate evidence, because they lead to misinformation and poor judgment.

Appreciating other people's cultural believes and lifestyle is an integral part of the society. This is because in most cases making a prejudicial judgment about a community or nation is ordinarily wrong. Therefore, it is vital to study a group of people or person before concluding them. In addition to that, at some point in a person's life, it is crucial to determine our real purpose in life. This purpose ensures that we get involved in something that is greater than us to ensure that we fulfill our full mission. Focusing on power channels or groups with a common aim to help different people in the society is crucial because it allows individuals to empower themselves and improve their daily lives.

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