Impacts of First and Second World War to the America Society Essay

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Date:  2022-05-17

Both first and second world war brought great impacts in economic, social and political to America. Although there were many adverse effects, home and factories of the United States were not destroyed. However, efficiency, production, and manufacturing increased due to the necessity of the war. The United States also emerged being the leader of world industry as the economy was flourishing and increase in profits. During these periods, America rise protecting the interests of consumers for the wealthy. On the other hand, the country faced inflation which led to companies and corporations to reduce salaries to maintain average costs of operating. The power of unions grew during these periods leading to strikes and competition for employment which brought race riots due to hatred and suspicion. When prohibition was introduced, it gave rise to criminals, political corruption, and increased violence.

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After the World Wars, homes and industries situated in cities such as Europe were comparatively destroyed. However, due to the United States joining the war late, few people lost their lives and their valuables. The effects of these wars led economic, social and political changes in America for it emerged to be a leader in industrial and military (Bulliet, et al., 874). Lives of the women changed for most of them got the opportunities to play significant roles as when their husband went to fight they had to replace them at work. Before the wars, it was believed that women should stay at home and take care of the children, however, aftermath it was different for they were also empowered.

There were significant changes in factories and industries for efficiency and production increased due to advanced technology since the country had entered into different ages such as that of electricity and steel. Nevertheless, the Second World War had a great impact on technology for many devices used today were customized during that era to be used by the military. These include the invention of devices used in communication, medicine such as surgical and chemical innovations and rocketry which entails automatic aircraft. Technology innovated during these wars has a significant impact on the nation we are living today, but the Second World War had significant effects for it played a critical role in the final results.

After the World Wars, there was a progressive movement which gave rise to numerous political and social advanced improvements which changed the expectations and standard of living of Americans. There have been countless social transformations which have turn out to be essential events in the lives today. These include the development of free markets with less population (Conrad, Charles and Marshall 35). Slower changes caused civil wars and spiritual crises as well as social transformation. Regardless of an individual class, the technology advancement with the new ideas of manufacturing goods changed the living standards of American society forever. There was a steady income increase which spread to all countries in the western world.

The economy and industries were thriving with an increase in profits. Nevertheless, due to attempts to minimize operating costs and wages, it led to inflation which increased the cost of living and essentials. The government stood to control inflation for the military had a high demand for products that had a shortage of supply for they had to meet the mandate. Thus, all non-farm products prices were controlled by the administration by keeping prices from rising rapidly. The government also rationed supplies by as an individual was limited to products they could purchase each month. A war labor board was created to mediate strikes so that workers could manufacture products without asking for a significant wage increase which contributes to inflation. These measures are still used in the United States to control inflation.

There was great immigration after the wars and over five hundred Americans relocated to the northern cities. The enormous arrival of people in caused problems to the urbanization of this nation. Most of the people were unemployed including soldiers from the war; thus, the race riots broke out in the cities. The number of people who joined labor unions increased; hence they were given the power to strike while the organization leaders wanted to disrupt their power. There was a colossal trend of strikes which was known as Red Summer which involved millions of employees that vented due to pay drop and high inflation levels.

In conclusion, both first and second world war brought great impacts in economic, social and political to America. Most of the cities that participated in these wars such as Europe were destroyed something that did not happen to America home, and factories for it joined the war late. Besides, there were high changes in factories and industries for efficiency and production increased due to advanced technology since the country had entered into different ages. However, the progressive movement gave rise to several political and social advanced improvements which changed the living standards of United States citizens. There was an increase in profits in an organization which tried to minimum wage and production costs which led to inflation. But, the government intervened with an aim to protect consumers the measures that are used up to date.


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