Mobilizing the Masses During World War II Essay

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Date:  2022-10-03

Proclamation to the German nation is a speech made by Adolf Hitler days after he was appointed Germany Chancellor. This speech was laced with rhetorical appeals and undertones that aimed to restore German's lost glory (Hitler, 1941). As many people listened to him, those available in the audience and others listening from their radios, Hitler skillfully captured their attention. He was able to brainwash them with his ideology or manifesto on how he would make the country great. He wisely quenched their thirst with what they wanted to hear. Since the Germans were desperate for a leader who would offer them a bright future, Hitler appeared to them as the savior to their problems.

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According to Hitler, Germany entered into world war one since it wanted to protect itself. Communism undermined the foundation of morality and faith. It has shuttered the nation. Hitler quips of another war to come. He states that ''this inner strife has already cost Germany should be a warning of the storm which would come...'' By so doing he suggests that a greater war is coming and thousands will be wounded and hundreds would lose their lives. This speech exhibits Hitler's bitterness after World War One.

Hitler spoke cruelly and ruthlessly against the previous government, Weimar Republic. Hitler's version of unity focused on race and blood. He believed that all internal German worries were founded on the Jews. He spells out the distinct differences between them and us in his book titled Mein Kampf. According to him, speaking German should not allow them to be referred together as one nation (Hitler, 2013). Outlined below is an excerpt of his speech.

The state is only the vessel, and the race is what it contains. The vessel can only have meaning if it preserves and safeguards the contents... The supreme purpose of the ethical state is to guard and preserve those racial elements'

Hitler's indulgence in politics was aimed at preserving the German people. He clearly believed that the nation was on its deathbed and the only way to stop its suffering was by alienating the Jews. The Germans were meant to believe that besides internal factors, external factors were also responsible for German woes. The neighboring countries such as France imposed barriers to make sure that Germany never attained its supremacy and it would lead to the dissolution of its states. This further led to World War II since the Germans were determined that their neighboring countries were enemies of progress.

From the first impression, one would mistake Hitler as a passionate leader who had the interests of the country at heart. As a German I would positively respond to the speech, ready to take the country to another level. Employment would be tacked and the economy of the country re-instated. Unity would be fostered and co-operation encouraged. All these are cues that show a great nation would be reborn. However, the problem came with the implementation of the same. Solutions to some of these problems were heinous and inhumane. The killing of the Jewish to cleanse the country and deal with unemployment wasn't necessary. Germans are not to blame for falling for Hitler's speech but rather seeing those words turn against what was expected.

It is quite evident that Hitler was charismatic and though his speech he not only incited people but also brainwashed them with propaganda and hidden connotations that appeared appealing. This remains a lesson learned the hard way.


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