Herbert Hoover on the Great Depression - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-03-24


The author of the document is Herbert Hoover who was the 31st president of America and had taken office at that time. During this particular period, the economy had plummeted into great depression and the stock market had crashed eight Months before he took office. According to Herbert Hoover, the policies of his predecessor led the country in this crisis that lasted for more than ten years. The author was targeting American people and wanted to show them the real situation the country was experiencing. He also wanted to show the Americans the effort he had put in order to save the economy of the United States.

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The Document Main Point

Herbert Hoover wanted to show American people that he was not the cause of economic crisis the country was experiencing. The recession the America was experiencing was as a result of extreme speculation and global economic slowdown had led America into the middle of the great depression. The Herbert showed the strategies he put in place in order to bring the country back on into its feet. For instance, he supported local aid for public works, encouraged labor harmony and created government agencies to enhance the relationship between the government and businesses so that to stabilize prices.

Herbert Hoover paid more attention on private sector and individual states to raise money to help his administration to overcome the challenges the country was facing. The author wanted to convey different leadership style that leaders have. For instance, during the author's era, he was against the federal intervention and spending even when the depression was growing worse. He stated that involvement of the federal government in controlling of business and manipulating the value of currency were steps towards socialism. On the contrary, when Roosevelt took over from Hoover, he did completely opposite by allowing the federal government to control businesses and increase spending.

Documents Historical Significance

The document had a greater impact on the author's society as it created awareness to the American citizen on what exactly was going on in America. The document also highlighted the mistakes the two leaders did during their era sank America into more depression instead of solving the crisis they were experiencing. Hoover focused on volunteerism in order to raise more money and refused to use federal money to help US citizens thinking that the dole would weaken the morale of the public. The opponent termed him as an individual who is not caring towards the citizens. The policy did not work and that is why he was voted out and Roosevelt took over. He also came with the flurry of new deal legislation by signing a number of groundbreaking new laws that altered the role of the United States government.

The document had a greater impact on the later generation as it realized that every leader should be monitored on every policy they implement to avoid passing of risk to their successors. It is believed that the author's predecessors made leadership mistakes that led America into economic depression and hence it is a good lesson to note that when signs bad leadership starts showing in, citizens should speak with one voice before it is late. The document directly impacted American citizens positively as they were able to react on the leadership of Hoover and removed him from power even though he tried to restore America.

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