Holocaust, Pearl Harbor Attack, The Great Depression Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-22

1). The Holocaust Historical Summary

Generally, the Holocaust is regarded as a genocide that involved a region of six million Jews during the Second World War. Also, mass murdered in that period are the blacks, Romani Gypsies, and the Soviet POW. It is also suggested that around ten Million civilians were man slaughtered in this period. The Jewish Genocide was motivated by the German chancellor Adolf Hitler, who wanted to exterminate them owing to their superiority. It was believed that people with blue eyes and fair skin, who were the Jews, were superior hence the need to curtail their forethought power. The Genocide did not occur at once. It is a process that occurred in stages that dated back to 1933 and took a toll in the Second World War in 1939 - 1945, where the ''final solution'' was executed.

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It began in 1933 where the laws requiring the removal of the Jews from the rest of the population were being affected. They forced the Romani and the Jews into ghettos, filthy and overcrowded areas by the cities which acted as holding areas. Concentration camps were too established, where they were enslaved, subsequently being killed by starvation, diseases, and exhaustion. Further, as the Nazis continued conquering new areas of Europe, more concentration camps and ghettos were established. Death squad also killed Jews through mass shooting and burying them in mass graves throughout Europe.

Later in the course of the Second World War, the Nazis executed the final solution regarding the Jews. Some of the Concentration camps were converted into extermination camps. The primary purpose of the camps was to manslaughter as many Jews as possible using the most efficient ways possibly available. About six million people, mostly the Jews, died in the concentration camps, the worst phase of the Holocaust. Holocaust is thus one the darkest periods in history.

2). Watergate

Watergate is a term that is used to describe a web of political scandals that took a toll from 1972 to 1974. On 17th June 1772, five burglars who broke into the offices of the national committee for the Democratic Party were arrested. It is a scandal that was believed to aim at the reelection of the president Richard Nixon. It is a scandal that forced the then director of CRP to resign when it was learned the burglars had been hired by the Committee to Re-Elect the President. The events had no significant effects on the elections that occurred in 1972 where President Richard Nixon was reelected with a landslide. The American people still had faith in the president, who only failed to clinch the votes of only the District of Columbia and Massachusetts.

It was revealed in the year 1973 that the high profile members of the White House were connected with the attempts to suppress the knowledge on the link and connection between the CRP and Watergate affairs. What followed is the formation of a Senate select committee which opened the hearing, where Nixon was appointed as a special prosecutor in the investigation of the scandal. There was conflicting testimony, which led revelation of more other scandals and the resignation of more and more personnel. It led to the development of battles between the executive and legislative branches of the government. In his attempts to stop the investigations, the resident fired Cox, followed by the resignation of Attorney General Elliot and his deputy William Ruckelshaus. Further scandals such as tax evasion by the vice president Spiro Agnew forced his resignation. In 1974, impeachment proceedings took a toll. President Nixon admitted of refusing Federal Bureau of Investigation agents from investigating his staff, pointing to guilt and on August 8, 1974, announced a resignation, ending his political career.

3). Reply to Holocaust

Indeed, the dictator Adolf Hitler did not want the Jews to be part of the entire German population, the Nazis. It is because they seemed to be superior human beings, characterized by his description and their actual appearance with fair skin and blue eyes. They were thus a threat to his leadership, forcing his decision to get rid of all the Jews in the country and in wherever territory they captured in Europe. E employed worst ways of Jew elimination grew in concentration from 1933 to the period of the Second World War of 1939 - 1944. The article expounds well what transpired in the Holocaust. Jew isolation ways such as deprivation of basic education to being forced to live in ghettos with poor conditions, furthered by mass killings in the concentration camps during the Second World War are detailed. It is hence and informative piece concerning Holocaust.

4). Reply to 1941 Pearl Harbor attack

The article touches on one of the darkest moments in the history of the United States of America. The deployed Japanese insurgents attacked its harbor on 7th December 1941. The piece mentions the attack as a surprise one, which is true. Also, it was performed against the agreements signed between the United States and Japanese governments. The piece also states the exact dates of the event, characterizing the historical nature of the facts. Moreover, the number of attacking Japanese planes, 350, is clearly stated, sensitizing on the extent of the attack. As indicated, it brought losses of great magnitude to the United States, including the killing of 2000 Americans, about 1000 being injured. The ships and the harbor were also destroyed, a dark moment in the American history. What followed, as stated in the piece, is the ''Infamy speech'' by then-president Franklin Roosevelt. It is hence an informative piece.

5). Reply to the History of The Great Depression

The discussion elaborating on the great depression is well expounded. It estimates the magnitude of employment lost during the process. Over 25% of the employment was lost. In this way, one can gauge the extent of menace on the lives of Americans. It also gives the year when the effect took a toll, 1933. A lot of other things such as unavailability of money, the presence of dust storms which broke houses elicits on the dark extent of the effect of the great depression. Other details such as the effects of the great depression on ecology and agriculture are well brought out, signifying how people suffered in that period. As it progresses, the piece shows the time, 25 years, that the great depression took to recover. As the essay bears wrapping up, the moral lesson drawn from it is depicted that one should act wisely when the opportunities are still available, since it reaches a point when they lack. Also, that people should invest wisely in profitable ventures. It is thus texting helpful to humanity.

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