Case Study Example: Designing Physical Activities for a Client

Date:  2021-03-30 16:56:16
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The exercise the client needs to rake include walking, deep belly breathing with abdominal contraction, head and shoulder lifts and curl-ups, kneeling pelvic tilt, Kegels among others. The client needs to start walking on flat ground for a start because she is not accustomed and needs to start with light tasks. The walking should be done throughout the 12 weeks since it does not require a lot of attention. After that, the client needs to change to gentle sloping then steep slopes accompanied by some jogging up and downhill. Furthermore, the client should try moving forwards and backwards during this exercise and zigzag. This way, the muscles will keep predicting the next move. This exercise will burn excessive fat leading to a more shaped person and healthy because weight risk is avoided.

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The deep belly breathing with contracted abdomen is done while seated upright and contracted diaphragm. The patient needs to this twice in a week. She should start with short sessions but increase with time. Head lifts are done with your back laid flat on the ground and arms by your side. With your knees bent and held firmly feet on the floor, slightly lift your head and neck as your breathe in. Do the same for the shoulders as if reaching your knees. Both head and shoulder lifts should take 10 minutes per day. For curl-ups, raise your torso to mid-way between your knees and floor and stay in that position for 2-5 minutes. For kneeling pelvic tilt, touch the floor with your palms and toes while remaining straight. Move your loins upwards, tilting your pelvis and moving your pubic bone upward. Stay in that position but release after counting thrice.

Kegels are done while taking birth. Control the muscles for the urine path until the urine literally stops. This should take ten minutes per day. This exercise is meant to help contract bladder muscles. Further activities include the baby glider, baby bouncer, rock-a-baby squats and curls. The baby glider is done with your child near your chest with one leg forward but folded such that the knee and your toe are in the same vertical position. Hold in that position for 8-10 count then change your foot. The baby bouncer is done with your legs apart, near knees together and leaning behind as if in a sitting position. Stop at the count of eight. Baby squats are done with your child near the chest and legs apart at shoulders length. Squat until your baby touches the floor then rise. Do this fifteen times. During this period, the client should avoid fatty foods and a lot of sugars. Fatty foods will cause weight gain rather losing. Evaluation is done be weight taking, belly and hip measurement.

Case Study 2

Target heartbeat= ((max heartbeat-resting heartbeat)*%intensity) +resting heart beat

= ((220-37)-75*0.7+75

=150.6 bpm

The exercises suitable for her are walking, aqua jogging, strength training and mind-body exercise. The walking should entail 10-15 minutes for beginners. However, the time can be added to a maximum of 30 minutes per day after one gets used to it. At the start, the speed should not be high, but this can be increased with time. The terrain of the walking needs to be changed as time goes by. The client can start on flat ground but move towards, hilly places. The walking should be done uphill, downhill, and sideways. The client can add some light load as she walks. The attires should also change. Walking while putting on clothes made of a synthetic material is commendable. This will produce a lot of sweat during the exercise which represents the burnt calories. The patient should take water along in the course of this exercise to prevent dehydration.

Aqua jogging is a jog done in water with the aid of buoyancy belt. While doing this, let not your feet touch the floor of the pool. The legs should be moving as if swimming but its more of walking. Do this for 10-15 minutes daily. Strength training involves weight lifting and pulling loads with gym machines. Such exercise is essential because the excess fat stored in the body is burned through sweat, hence losing weight. With Tai Chi, hold firmly against a pillar and lift your body to the ground, for example, poles of your verandah. Remain in that position for about five counts then change positions. Avoid junk food during this period. Evaluation is in the form of how much weight you have lost reduction in belly radius and hips.

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