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Date:  2022-06-30

Based on the information have gathered from the link careers in sociology, have learned a lot about the importance of studying sociology in schools and its application in the current world. The information gotten from the link has inspired me a lot, and I now view the course in a much positive way as opposed to before. I'm so much interested in pursuing the course since it tackles compelling issues in our societies such as equality, the impacts of living in a diverse population and social justice. Notably, sociology degree is majorly concerned with the understanding of the relationships between the people in a given society.

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There are sets of reasons which has made me get interested in pursuing a sociology degree, they include; One, sociology will give me a better understanding of a mankind since the primary benefit of pursuing the course is to gain greater understanding of the complicated and confusing humans natures and the societies in which we organize ourselves. Through studying the social behavior of human beings, we can compare, try to solve issues and gain rational knowledge of some society's more frustrating habits. It will make me more enjoyable because America employs a broader demographic in their workforce. Also, having a more comprehensive awareness of the cultures should be a good thing in studying sociology. Pursuing a sociology degree, the idea of delving into human behaviors and analyzing our societal dogma has exited my curious mind.

Studying sociology degree increases the broad skill set since the skills are applicable in various areas of work. Very critical faculties enable the students to make rational and measurable decisions in the interest of fairness. Sociology provides a student with skills of teamwork, autonomy, and self-independence. Moreover, through the study of a sociology degree, one may be granted the opportunity to study abroad, instilling the skills of multiculturalism in various students.

Pursuing sociology degree help understand and cope with the changes in our society since the society as a whole is always at the constant state of ongoing changes. Pursuing the course will help me a lot not only by understanding what is going on, but will assist me in coping with the societal changes. The unemployment rate has since increased among the several numbers of countries hence studying the course will help me in planning for future life after graduation not necessarily looking for the employment opportunities in cities. The study of sociology degree also helps me understand the rate of poverty and diseases within our society and which measures to be taken to reduce infections among other calamities existing. Studying sociology will undoubtedly reap the rewards of all the subjects by attracting a broader demographic of cultures through studies and research.

Sociology degree students always report high levels of student satisfaction. Maybe it's through the enigmatic character which directs the student to enjoy the subject so much. Whichever the reason it may be, it's always true that student's satisfaction is recorded highly among the American universities. It means that a degree in sociology is generally viewed as a rewarding and simulating by students sociology is, therefore, a course which enables students to work hard and subsequently get a high return through teaching, assessment and acquiring knowledge.

Studying sociology degree is a potential for joint hours since the student can combine it with another course. For instance, I might want to study both sociology and music or sociology and Spanish. Also, for that sociologist with the mathematics side, there is even sociology with mathematics. A variety of these combinations can make my university experience that much more vibrant and studying sociology complements it very well.

After successful completion of the bachelor sociology degree; one may choose to follow his dream by securing a dream job. The following are some of the career paths of sociology degree; One, social service counselors these includes counseling various individual based on their life situations, i.e., supporting students to achieve their academic goals, handling cases that get open for services(counseling, truancy preventions, placements) and interviewing children for child abuse investigation.

Working as administrative support by doing research, summarizing records and depositions, and also handling filling at the courthouse. Also, one can work as the onsite manager of the information technology.

A sociology graduate can work as a manager of the company by handling employment and labor relations, conflicts negotiation and ensure equal employment opportunity for all who are qualified. Moreover, a sociologist can work at the financial offices by providing management and financial analysis.

Working as a teacher as well as a librarian, i.e., teaching conversational English and American studies in secondary school. Teaching service-learning course on how to use art forms for advocacy tools for community change.

Practicing sales and marketing in a busy organization, i.e., working as business development of technology hardware and personal services.


In summary, pursuing a sociology degree is so much valuable to a student in relating what he or she has been taught in class and what is so real in life. Studying sociology degree also has got a lot of career opportunity like working as counseling guidance, teacher, manager and even as a sales manager.s

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