Career Objective for Admission to Graduate School

Paper Type:  Admission essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  568 Words
Date:  2022-11-30

I here write to demonstrate my career motivation which informs my decision to apply for an admission to the Master's Degree in Human Resource Program offered at Lehman College in the Bronx, New York. With my current experience as a graduate in hospitality management from Cuny school, I wish to expand my knowledge in Human Resources and turn my focus towards its applications that are wide-scale not only in Lehman college but also worldwide. Moreover, through reading the course curriculum that is available online, I have realized that the subject material that is covered best suits my goals as a career.

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Additionally, after the completion of my degree in hospitality management, I currently have two jobs. First, I work at an airport for a major company, where I have been there for approximately two years now. For me to be posted in the company, I had to start working in the airport as a crew member. Therefore, for further promotions at work, I have to further my education as my goal is mainly to learn and move up in the company. Moreover, I have shadow personnel in various departments in the airport such as the human resource department and in the airport's ops department, I have stepped in as an acting leader and I am looking forward to get into the liaison training. Second, I work at a hotel where my ambitions are almost similar to that of the airport. I have also shadow people in the department of human resource, accounting as well as the front desk that might consider me as a good leader. Thus, with all these, I realized my interest in human resource and would wish to continue my education specifically on Human Resource.

The reason why I chose Lehman College in the Bronx, New York, is because it is affordable, has a variety of degrees to choose from, it is involved in community services and projects as well as online programs that are all comfortable with me. Moreover, the future of human resource in New York will demand a workforce that has a specialized skill set and being responsible, of which I will always be willing to be part. With the master's degree, I would like to meet this demand and maybe in the future, become a pioneer in the protection and management of human resources. Nonetheless, the geographical location of New York, as well as the current state and strength of the economy, attracts professional experts from around the globe. Therefore, with the idea-sharing notion in mind, this field would be an excellent ground in establishing a significant step in my professional career.

Also, I will be an excellent fit for the school following the struggle that I have in the taking off my family will always be a motivation for me in being the best and responsible. Therefore, with all of my listed experience, I am in search of upgrading my experience. The subjects that are offered in the human resource program are precisely in line with my goals professionally. Moreover, the courses offered at the college always provides an excellent grounding in furtherance of experience exchange knowledge and divergent cultures. I am confident that the skill and knowledge learned from my previous professional university and experience will make me an addition that is valuable to the masters of human resource program offered at Lehman College in the Bronx, New York.

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