Can Anything Be Done About the Gun Problem in America? Essay Example

Date:  2021-04-22 05:20:35
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Guns are one of the Americas biggest problem. They contribute to crime and as a result cost millions of dollars to Americans through matters such as treatment of gun injuries, police investigation, and other resources used in the process. Such matters distract America from making important progress that would benefit the American society as a whole. The resources used in addressing problems caused by guns could have been used in making infrastructure, creating jobs, and improving the education sector in America. Therefore, guns are ruining the future of America.

In the article Crimes and Accidents Are Two Different Things by Kevin Baker in 2014 explains about the issues of guns in the American society. Baker indicates that most of the deaths associated with firearms are suicidal. However, the availability of guns does not affect the rate of suicide. This is because even if the guns were withdrawn from the society, individuals who desire to commit suicide would find alternatives, which would be equally effective. Therefore, according to Kevin, the possession of arms has little effect on the rates of suicide and homicide because they are many alternatives to that. He argues that weapons do not kill people; rather it is the individuals who possess the guns who fail to respect the lives of human beings.

America has got many problems emanating from gun violence. Even though the Congress in America have passed many laws restricting firearms ownership, mass shooting, gang violence, suicide, and homicide are out of control. Strict regulations should be imposed on the providers of guns. In addition, gun buyers should be undertaken through a compliance test to prove that they are eligible to possess firearms. If the buyers and sellers were in compliance with the test, fewer homicide and suicide would be committed.

There are various steps that a community should take when an individual decides to acquire a firearm. Recent studies by Beckett et al. have indicated that many places where guns are sold do not require the buyers to show their eligibility as a gun holder. This is one big fault, and it should be required that for one to be sold a gun, he or she should be eligible to carry the gun by passing a gun compliance test.

One of the big problems that have led to the high levels of discomfort among the population is the way that incapable individuals own firearms without the knowledge of the authority. An individual aspiring to possess a gun should be taken through a series of physiological test.

Guns problem is an issue that starts at home. Parents are so busy nowadays, and they are not aware of what exactly their children are doing at home. TV is one of the greatest factors that influences children behaviors. The level of its impact on children depends on the age of the children, their personality, how much they watch it, whether they watch alone or with adults, and whether their parents talk with them about what they see on TV. Parents need to be aware of childrens TV programs. Parents have the responsibility of doing their own researches. They should find out if those programs are educational programs that help their children to develop a good socialization and learning skills or have an aggressive or sexual content.

That reminds me of my baby Joshua who turned three years old. He likes to watch TV. When I pick him up from the daycare every day, upon arriving home, I usually sit him on his chair to see his favorite cartoon PJ Mask that is an action cartoon. In the beginning, the cartoons appeared very funny to me, but after few weeks, I noticed a great change in my babys behavior. Joshua started to fight in the daycare with other children. He did not also want to talk too much or play with me. He only wanted to come home to watch his favorite program. Joshuas teacher complained about him all the time because he did not want to participate or pay attention to any Daycare activities. Now I prefer to take my child to the park or read a book with him instead of watching the cartoon with him at home. I have also introduced cartoons, which is less aggressive such as the Mickey Mouse and the Little Baby Einstein. The program is more beneficial, and its content helped him learn and be attentive at school. As a parent, it is my responsibility to instruct my child that it is not good to fight or to be aggressive. Therefore, parents have a great role to play in their childrens life.

The gun problem in America is not a single solution problem according to Beckett. All Americans have the right to bear arms, but the right is not extended to all. It is important that the ownership of guns have sound control such as strict background checks at all times regardless of how the gun is being purchased to keep criminals and mentally unstable people away from getting guns. I believe that in the same way that we register a car when purchasing it, we should register guns and guns owners so that we can keep track of those who have guns so that if someone is convicted of a violent crime, we can identify them easily and take away the gun from them. We need better education system of gun safety. We need to teach our children that guns are not toys and that they are not used as seen on the TVs. People need to be instructed on how to handle guns and how to keep them safe where children and teenagers cannot access them.

In conclusion, guns ownership should be restricted. All buyers who desire to bear a firearm no matter the purpose, whether it is for self-defense or hobby, should keep the guns safe. Any purchase of a gun should be preceded by a physiological evaluation. The physiological test should be taken into consideration for everyone who desires to own a gunfire. This would prevent future gun accidents, homicide, and suicide. The ownership of guns and other weapons by an individual should be checked, and strong regulations should be put in place. This is a preventive measure which is better than dealing with the effects of gang violence that come from the possession of guns by the wrong individuals in the society. Gun violence has been rampant in America, and urgent measures need to be effected. The society should also be enlightened so that it can take part in the control of gun violence.

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