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Audi Supermarket Company Limited is a house hold and electronic merchandise sales business unit that operates within the United States and Canada. The company was founded in 2004 and our aim in business is found upon the need to supply high quality and affordable household and electronic merchandise in the United States and Canadian markets. We deal in ready-made furniture, internal decorations, lighting, fridges, television sets among others. To meet the needs and preferences of various customers the company has opened is in the process to establish another unit in South America. Audi Supermarket has projected its revenues to a monthly earning of 45, 000 US dollars with most interactions done electronically. This figure is dependent on the other effects that may arise due in the market.The company is also involved in the trading of stocks and bonds and also global markets Forex trading as from the year 2008.

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Company Purpose:

To be a top draw company in the provision of household and electronic merchandise through provision of top draw items, transactions and profitability.

Company Vision:

To sell quality merchandise that excellently matches and supersedesour esteemed customers expectations.

Company Mission statement:

To establish and maintain client and customers relationship for the unforeseeable future through provision of outstanding items that have the modern technology and enhanced suitability.

Company Core values

We believe in fair handling and service to our merchandise consumers.

We inculcate diligence, transparency and business ethics within the entire setup of our companys operation.

Company Goals

Continental prevalence within the area of sales of household and electronic merchandise by establishing a sure consumer base.

Enhance the quality and accessibility of our products through improvement of our services

To culture and maintain a good standing and reputation within the household and electronic merchandise business and remain a key industry player.

Companys Scope of Work

Audi Supermarket Company limited carries out the storage, sales and as well as consultant services on their merchandise. The company has set up an effective after sale services and maintenance policyand undertakes well planned follow up on the performance and effectivity of their sold products.

Financial Projections

Audi Supermarket Company limited aims at hitting their projected profits within the first fiscal year and does not foresee an unmanageable revenue crisis.We expect that the mean profits for the first quarter annually for the next four years are well sufficed. That apart, the company is currently servicing a borrowing from Barclays Bank that is projected to be complete within the next two years. Original documents citing the above transactions are available on request for a verification of the same.

External Environment Analysis

Our business just like others is also influenced and greatly affected by the environment we operate in.These influences have affected the day to day operations of the Audi Supermarket Company Limited in various ways either positively or negatively. Due to this we have resorted to analyze this external environment of our business and the market as a whole. We have done this below using the PESTLE model since it ensures our managers and strategists have an accurate and up to date knowledge of the markets current positions and help them project the anticipated future of the markets behavior. (Gregoire, 2014)

Political Factors

We have carefully considered for over the past years the political conditions within the United States and the political play within the globe with regard to matters of economic importance. The political factors are concerned about the political circumstances of a country and the globe with regard to the country. An instance is the kind of prevailing leadership and how they affect the economic decisions made within the country.The political factors in play in our situation include tariffs and legalities put in force by the prevailing government. (Hubbard & Beamish, 2011)The capitalist society of the United States enables us to be part of controlling the economic conditions through provision of a progressive income tax and support in form of protection from other competitors from abroad. (Gregoire, 2014)This has considerably worked in our business favor. The situation in Canada is pretty similar as our company is registered as a residential entity within the country. The much enjoyed political stability in the Americas has enabled use thrive coupled to the favorable North America Free trade Agreement tariffs for exports.

Economic Factors

The firmed condition of the American economy in the Second Quarter of this financial year has greatly favored our business.As a result of this, our retail sales in Junes increased, this having happened in the previous two months in a successive fashion. Consumer expenditure on our products has been outstanding since thenwith a concurrent increase in production index of our merchandise.

Social Factors

Audi Supermarket Company Limited has strived to keep up with the changing preferences and cultural values of the North American consumers. Currently, we are involved in the demographic and social cultural studies of the South American countries to determine that which best appreciates the values attached to our products. However, there are distinct preferences made by target groups for our products.

Technological factors

We are stocked with merchandise that fully comply and are compatible with the current technological requirements and designs. Our electronics have enhanced performances and are user friendly in accordance. Furniture and other household appliances are ordered and delivered based on consumer preferences and tastes. Also, to ensure quick and convenient transactions we have fully integrated the use of electronic money transactions within our systems that are compliant to most money transfer systems and banks.(Hubbard & Beamish, 2011)On the same area we also carry out online sales to other countries.

Legal and environmental factors

In terms of regal compliance, the company has been well equipped with the legal requirements form all the regulatory bodies under and with which it operates. This starts form the registrar of companies to North American Free Trade Agreements.

The company has also been well compliant with and is an advocate of environmental conservation. Moreover, there has not been any adverse effects on the business due to rough climates such as the flooding.

To comprehensively determine our competitive power as a business against other similar companies in the market, we have also done analysis using the Porters five forces analysis tool. ("Porter's Five Forces: Assessing the Balance of Power in a Business Situation", 2016)

Suppliers Power

The existence of few and unique suppliersfor our products is due to the uniqueness of these merchandise hence they have greatly dictated the availability and profitability of our products.

Buyers Power

Due to the uniqueness and high quality of our products we have a great number of buyers in mixed proportions of purchasing capabilities. This has kept our prices and revenue increasingly steady over the years.

Competitive Rivalry

There are many suppliers and dealers in similar merchandise within the America. However we have managed to keep up the standard with other top draw companies within this market warding off completion where necessary.

Threat of Substitution

Due to the long life span of our merchandise coupled with their good performance and quality we have not observed much substitution of our products for other ways by consumers to achieve their comfort. We have constantly researched and come up with better ways to make our products up to date and more appealing.

Threat of New Entry

Our current situation in the market is not favorable for new entrants as we have made several ties with good quality products wading off any potential new suitors for our customers. Moreover, most consumers have always preferred to shop with us whenever they have the need for such merchandise.

Internal Environment Analysis

We have viewed an internal analysis of company as a means to come up with the necessary strengths and improve on our weaknesses when establishing our strategies. This gives a realistic probe into our companys capabilities and internal resources. In this analysis we have considered our resources, business type, our companys objectives, our plans and policies and the credibility of our achievements. ("Internal Environment Analysis | Business Strategy | Business, Management | Textbook | Book", 2016)

We, like all other organizations are focused on enhancing the performance of the roles of finance, marketing and production and development of human resources. These areas are essential in formulation of strategy for managing, thoughtful planning, enacting and coordinating the various resources at our disposal. We have done a comprehensive evaluation of the various functional areas in our company based on their strength weaknesses, opportunities and threats.These areas include, merchandise supply, operation and assembly of the merchandise, including display and marketing and sales and distribution as the primary activities we are engaged in. (Forrester, 2006)Other support functions that have been evaluated include the efficiency of the human resource management, the infrastructure and the technology at our disposal.The overall functionality of the company has been greatly influenced by the outcomes depicted from these analyses that have greatly impacted the performance of our company. We have from time to time used this analyses information to enhance ourbusiness strategy formulation and implementation, the production of superior quality and design, together with exemplary customer pre and after sales services and urgency in our transactions.

Through our strength in supply of superior quality merchandise, we have a great competitive advantage over other participating businesses within our target markets. We have also gained consumers trust through our efficiency in conducting business and used this as an opportunity to reach out to newer consumers and markets. This has been helped with the culture of excellence exhibited in each and every one of our staff who have been trained efficiently on matters concerning customer relations and general business operation and management. ("Internal Environment Analysis | Business Strategy | Business, Management | Textbook | Book", 2016)Our shared values of diligence, transparency and business ethics have put us on the fore front of organizational success. The company is however currently working on an efficient employee reward scheme so as to motivate and increase their productivity beyond the current level. This would ensure tremendous improvement in the revenue generation by our company.

Audi Supermarket Company Limited can be generally viewed as a huge success in the retail chain business industry. We enjoy a great consumer base due to our efficiency in winning their trust and making our business a company worth their transactions and merchandise. Exploring newer consumer bases in the foreign markets remain a key barrier to achieving global financial success. Also the greater challenge comes in areas that we have not clearly established a secure point of sale and the entire consumer data security. On the other hand due to the changing consumer profiles and the involvement of pricing technology on the internet it has become hard to nail down consumers for particular products on p...

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