BSN, Future of Nursing, Framework, Education, and Practice Essay

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Date:  2022-06-30

The future of a Nursing examines how nurses' responsibilities, education, and roles should significantly improve to reach the raised need for concern that will be made by health care reformation and to promote reforms in raising America's complex health policy. L.P.N can make up the single biggest section of the healthcare workforce. The nurses use most of the time in their profession by giving victim care. Nurses thus have important shrewdness and unique capabilities to offer as co-workers with other health care professional in enhancing quality and surety of concern as envisioned in the affordable care act (ACA) which was made legal in 2011. Nurses should be ready to engage in other health professionals and take responsibilities in redesigning care. To make sure that all nurses are properly prepared, the education should promote residency education of nurses, and raise the number of nurses that are graduating with the degree by 2022, and multiply the number of the ones pursuing doctorates. The union of nurses should remove the institution, and regulatory obstacles which limit nurses' scope of practice, removing the obstacles will enable the health system to obtain the benefits fully of the nurses' skills, knowledge, and training in patient care.

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The philosophical framework of the nursing department has four major components, which includes the values, knowledge, and role. The elements are trained at every level of training and are used in the development of outcomes and objectives. One of the components is the values which include caring, communication, collaboration, professionalism, quality, and safety. The values guide the behaviors, moral judgment, and altitudes of the nurses which reflect on their personal social and cultural influences. The moral values also guide their nursing professionalism and responsibilities and standards of practice. The department emphasis on direct care to patients with common and problems that are well defined, the degree nurses gives direct and indirect nursing cares to groups, families populations, and individuals. The graduates have the capacity to private diagnosis nursing and improve the plan and coordination of restorative care, complex and preventative. As a professionalism role in the department, the nurse can take control and advocacy tasks. According to the philosophical framework of nursing, many developments health care and nursing have contributed to bringing forward the holistic nursing forward. The victim security and affordable health care act of 2010 have defined how wellness care will be passed to the foreseeable tomorrow. Therefore patients care center has received the noteworthy recognition, and the victims have displayed the main players in deciding which is the results of health care are considered.

The other element is the knowledge. The study gives a framework of progressive arts and craftsmanship for the learners. The training provides essential spiritual, legal components and humanistic components which assists the trainees to develop and appreciate persons' environment interactions. The knowledge enables the nurses to think critically, reason logically and communicate effectively.

The profession of nursing practices a methodical manner in nursing care to perform and transform the identified interferences. The trained nursing can anticipate, individualize, implement and evaluate numerous interventions according to different conditions and social acknowledgments. The bachelors' holder creates the designs for nursing interventions. The doctoral graduate leads and collaborates change for improved healthcare systems and designs systems for improved population health based on research translation. To have effective teamwork is recognized globally as important equipment a more operative and health-centered care patient delivery system. The team members ensure that they aim towards the goal and motivation to back the strategies and practical skills to obtain objectives and win the challenges.


Magnet recognition program assigns groups globally where nursing directors successfully regulate their fundamental nursing objectives to enhance the improvement's patients. The magnetic recognition application gives a roadmap to nursing superiority, which helps the whole of industry. To nurses, magnet recognition implies training and improvement through each career step, which drives to higher independence at the bedside. To patients, it indicates the genuinely excellent care given by a nurse who is approved to be the very best that can be. The advantages of the magnet are they have the most substantial measure of responsibility for patients, business financial and growth benefit and workers who seem valued and motivated. The journey for the magnet needs a full commitment by regularly assessing its flaws, strength, and accomplishment in connection of the magnet to the magnet model; groups are enabled to make the correct adjustment. Bringing the significant benefits of the magnet to the organization is very good for any open magnet available health care provides vas online resources regardless of location, size or magnet status.

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