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The definition of the disorder that Chip has is characterized by rapid change in moods. The best characteristics that seem to show the problem is the relationship that he has with his friends. In an ordinary setting, people have a way of connecting with others, and they can handle the personal connection in a better way. However, when people are suffering from such a condition, they would often have serious issues trying to deal with the friends. One of the characters that Chip shows is that he becomes frantic if he believes that his friends are living him. This is a very unusual problem that people with such a personality issue would often suffer from. Under the usual conditions, one would have a concern that the friends are living but this might not lead to some state of panic. But in the situation that chip is in even just the slight idea that the friends are living might make him too worried. It might also become worse when these friends leave (Zanarini et al. 16). The most unfortunate issue about this person is that it makes him too vulnerable and somehow clingy. If an individual ends up being clingy, they might lead others to feel that you are intruding into the private space and thus they become avoidant. Such people would often end up leaving friends.

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The problem that he suffers from is that he has the feeling of abandonment that stems from neglected childhood. In this case, he was simply raised by the television where his life was an impression of what he sees on the TV. The problem of being raised by the TV is that it ends up making people have a constructed idea of life rather than the reality. Therefore, Chip suffers from an intense emotional problem such as erratic acts of aggression, violence, dramatic emotions, and revenge regarding sobbing. The swinging emotions make him change from loving his friends and the next minutes hating them. Besides, he shows signs of self-harming impulsively as reckless behavior including frequent trips to the large satellite dish drinking and hiring with prostitutes. Since he feels like people are avoiding him, he tries to compensate this like by trying to get the substitutes that can me he feel wanted. However, the challenge with this approach is that it eventually leaves him more frustrated since he does not seem to get the kind of care that would have come with the real friends.

Other problems

The condition that he has resulted in a serious impact too on his social life. A person that has a problem associating with people might find it hard to make new friends and even keep the ones that he already has. In looking at the situation that he is in he would often try to make friends with people very quickly to feel the feeling of loneliness that he is experiencing. However, these idea making quick friends often does not work because new people are often suspicious with the concept of one seeking to make fast friendship. Usually, people would prefer to have a friendship that can develop over time. However, this might not be the case with Chip. He would often try to cling to a new person and open up to them quick faster a situation that would make the other individual uncomfortable. Such kind of feeling is unpleasant and might eventually lead to the other person withdrawing and eventually Chip would return to the same condition that they have been experiencing.

The problem might also extend to their workplace. The lack of proper social skills might make it hard for Chip to associate with fellow employees. There are some characters that one should show in the kind of work that they do and lacking them might often lead to poor work delivery. Phil has been sacked from most of the companies that he has been working in due to the characters that he has been showing (Linehan et al. 478). The most significant problems that he faces at the workplaces are that he makes the other employees feel uncomfortable around him and thus they avoid him. The feeling of loneliness often leads him back to alcoholism and that eventually results in him being ineffective at work. Such is the problem that from time to time leads him to be sacked.

The condition also has a severe effect on the emotional stability of an individual. One often would need to feel that there are people around him and that he can depend on these people if he has any problem. However, in the case of Chip people would often try to move away from him because of the personality that he displays. He might try to make new friends, but within a short time, these people would often draw away from him living to feel lonely. Such kind of experience would often drain one's mind, and that is the reason that he has some drastic change in attitude (Fonagy et al., 570). He would feel that he loves his friends yet the next minute he would try to avoid them. Therefore, the biggest problem that this personal experience is that he lacks emotional stability.

According to the DSM Chip shows the recurrent episodes of excessive drinking. At one point he has the feeling of loneliness and thus decides to drink so that he can get over the stress that they experience. They would also try to get several prostitutes to make him feel wanted. However, the problem is that once they regain sobriety they still get back to the same problem that they had experienced before and the cycle starts over.

The primary stressors that seem to push him towards this issue are the lack of a job and friends. He needs to feel some sense of security around his friends, but they would often run away from him the moment they realize some of his characters. The other stressor is the lack of a job. These make his life hard because he finds it hard to meet his daily needs. To suppress these problems, he resorts to regular alcoholism although it does not seem to help him. He grew up without the love of the parents, and in most of his life, it is the TV that seemed to bring him up (Tomko et al. 737). Therefore, he did not learn some valuable social aspect that can ensure that he associates with people effectively.


To deal with this condition, there is the various treatment that I could recommend. However the most effective is counseling. The focus of the counseling session is to make him have a better understanding of their emotions. There is a different type of counseling. However, I recommend dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. The focus of the DBT is to manage crisis behavior. The crises behavior that Chip shows is the drinking and hooking up with prostitutes. On the other hand, the CBT would focus on changing the beliefs that he has. A combination of these two might help in improving his view about life and people and thus offer him a way to adjust to eh current problem.


The focus on the two approaches might offer the most effective way for this individual to change his behavior and thus be able to live a normal life. The most important thing about these therapies is that they would not only help the individual to change their behavior, but they would give them the ability to conceptualize their environment in a way that can make him less stressful about issues around him. In looking at the problem that he suffers from it is clear that he has a wrong conception of the world around him because he did not get a good background to help him through this process. Therefore, the focus on this aspect through therapy has the best result.


Chip is an individual that has Borderline Personality Disorder that arises from the upbringing. The disorder often leads him to have problems in dealing with people, and thus he often loses friends. The best approach in dealing with this issue would be to combine the DBT and CBT modes of counseling therapy.

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