Bob's Psychological Profile from the Movie What About Bob?

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Date:  2021-03-26

Bob is a character from the movie What about Bob?. It is a drama film that is fun to watch and gives some cases of mental issue portrayed through the star, Bob Wiley. While being to some degree strange and misrepresented, this film conveys the reality of some of the psychological disorders and the frequently outrageous effects that they have on patients. While there are various other characters who equally display symptoms of psychological disorders, the most correlated character as to this study is Bob Wiley because of the way he depicts such a large number of these symptoms.

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As diagnosed by Dr. Marvin, Bob has a multi-phobic identity portrayed by intense separation anxiety. To start with, Bob is confronted with continuous anxiety issues all through the film. According to Anxiety disorders: Management (2013), Generalized Anxiety Disorder refers to a condition where a person is ceaselessly tense, worried, and in a condition of autonomic sensory system excitement, which accurately depicts Bob's character. He has a hard time performing basic assignments. Nonetheless, most parts of his uneasiness side effects are brought on from his endless fears. Since he fears many things, he is always in a condition of nervousness and panic.

One of Bobs greatest psychological issue was a social phobia, or an irrational tension resulting from the introduction to specific types of social circumstances leading to avoidance conduct. He recounted some of his problems involving certain situations, and his side effects of sickness, nausea and pain that forms the generalization that he needs treatment of his social phobia, or he may even be agoraphobic, which is the unusual dread of public or open places because of the mentality that getting help or escaping might not be easy in such places (Dyck et al., 2001). Social fear is an exceptionally predominant and weakening issue, with nervousness when it comes to public speaking and this is one of the commonly recognized fear among socially phobic people. For Bobs case, he does not have any desire to leave his condo, telling the doctor how he fears his heart may stop or that he may have a hard time tracing the lavatory in case he feels pressed. He does not want to get on to the lift and is hesitant to board the bus. And he openly confesses to the doctor that public places are not easy for him.

Another disorder displayed by Bob is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It is a condition in which individuals get things done and think things over and again to a state of weariness. They cannot control their activities or points of view yet know about their issue. Individuals who have OCD create it from adolescence and go to an out and out phase of it when they get to be grown-ups (Bowen, Balbuena, Baetz, & Marwaha, 2015). Bob demonstrates a couple of such symptoms at the beginning of the show. The initial scene shows him sitting in the loft reminding himself that he is fine, repeatedly. He rehashes this to himself at whatever point he is apprehensive or in another circumstance.

He seems to be attached to Marvin which is a symptom typical of a condition known as Dependent Personality Disorder. After the first session with the doctor, he calls the doctor every now and then, asking for help. When he discovers that the doctor is out of town and it is not possible to reach him, he goes as far as pretending to be his sister, calling with a crisis, and in addition lying about taking his own life, which at long last gets him the doctors address. Bob develops an attachment to the family, starts taking part in their vacations and other family activities instead of arranging his own, dines with them, participates in the doctors interview and even lives with the Marvins. He develops a dependency to the specialist for everything from a psychiatric guide to ordinary life choices.

Other than those Bob shows symptoms for being a great multi-phobic and fears pretty much anything. He displays symptoms of germaphobia, the dread of germs. He displays the different cases of these fears all through the film, for example, his consistent utilization of Kleenex to touch things and splashing disinfectant on phones and other public places. He likewise uses tissues to avoid direct contact with anything that is not from his flat since he believes that it may have germs from other individuals. He exhibits acrophobia or dread of height and this is seen when Bob watches out the 44th-floor window. Since Bob fears such a variety of things in regards to his daily schedule, he is continually managing nervousness issues, originating from all these fears (Anxiety disorders: Management, 2013).

In conclusion, the film did a fair job in depicting a lot of psychological disorders. Bob suffered from OCD, agoraphobia, dependent personality disorder and many other phobias. Though in a comical way the movie gave useful insights of the world of disorders and therapy. And by watching this film, it gives a chance to better familiarize with the truth of phobias and psychological disorders and helps in the better understand of individuals who battle with these issues.


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