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The entry used in this research is APA where the reference citation makes the document acceptable for academic purposes. It also gives authoritative sources that assist the reader to gain access and acknowledgeable facts used in the paper. The APA style also uses the author/date method of citation inserted in the content of the document. Moreover, this is a style that is widely recommended and used in many social sciences topics.

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The Research Question

The primary reason of the research is to elaborate the process of decisions making by disclosing suicidal character and ideation of individuals that have been in dire situations. The suicide attempts survivors were also discovered to be an invaluable resource that has essential information about mortal aspects relating to how families and friends communicate (Frey et al., 2018). Lastly, suicide and stigma associated people seeking help by disclosing their suicidal behavior and ideation made the researchers gather information with the aim of reducing the rate of suicide cases in the U.S

Concepts and Ideas Applied

The primary purpose used by the authors is by revealing the suicide-related information in an individual's social network because of the restriction of other stigmatized statuses like mental illness and HIV/AIDS (Frey et al., 2018). The concept here was that the low rate of disclosure perceived with stigma from a person's social network following the subsequent depression symptom and suicide-related exposure, mainly when it involves a person's social network, it then becomes the best position to intervene if the person is about to commit suicide (Frey et al., 2018). While concealing the stigmatized problem as one procedure of coping with stigma, the authors still believed that the concealment of suicidal behaviour and ideations were also dangerous because of the interference with the suicide risk intervention and management opportunities.

The Participants of the Study

The disclosure processes to get information also involved the ways which friends and family members responded to the methods of disclosure through interventions strategies by creating a compassionate environment for people who will share their suicidal experiences. To increases the probability of individuals disclosing their deadly characters, the authors also used someone nearby especially the ones that disclosed their information to someone regardless whether the person was aware of the previous suicidal characters or was confident (Frey et al., 2018). The participants that had clues about the suicidal behaviour were also included particularly the ones that were never satisfied but knew about their previous suicidal behaviour.


The authors used the qualitative method to expose the disclosure of choices made among individuals that survived or had a suicidal attempt experience. The participants, in this case, were invited for a voluntary interview concerning what they went through, by giving out their telephone or email addresses with the aim of being contacted for a confidential interview (Frey et al., 2018). The process of analyzing the situation was by the grounded theory approach.

The authors did this by using the three data analysis steps: The Axial coding involved synthesizing several categories through reassembling and coding. Then the open coding which is the second method was a process of checking the interrelations, similarities, and differences that create a story to develop the proposition and hypothesis of how each category relate to each other concerning the suicide-related disclosure results (Frey et al., 2018).

The Analytical Procedures

Most participants that underwent through suicidal ideation to be assisted were known to reach out to someone who knew them. Although the interview questions based its direction on elaborating the information to friends and family, most participants told their stories to concerned support services before informing their friends and family members who were nearby (Frey et al., 2018).


The results showed that the reports made by the participants they disclosed and chose were summarized through a decision tree format. The results also showed that the importance of confidant for suicidal survivors could reveal their information as it occurs, during their experience process and treatment (Frey et al., 2018). The findings from this study also indicated that there was a need to continue educating people so that the information can spread concerning suicidal incidences.


Based on the findings, the two models that were proposed concerning the decision-making disclosure including the identifier of the critical interventions need to be elaborated on how the attempted suicide survivors make choices about disclosure. The hope for the authors was that people should seek more help during the crisis of suicide to save more lives.


Frey, L. M., Fulginiti, A., Lezine, D., & Cerel, J. (2018). The Decision-Making Process for Disclosing Suicidal Ideation and Behavior to Family and Friends. Family Relations, 67(3), 414-427. doi:10.1111/fare.12315

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