Banks & Banks, 2013) Social class and education

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Date:  2022-11-28

This paper addresses the factors influencing differences in education among Whites and Blacks. The researchers found that such differences are not only contributed by available resources at school but also by the social-economic status of the household. The existence of class stratification in the educational system has greatly influenced the level of access to education mainly through ability groupings.

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Social Economic Indicator (2015). Why social-economic status matters

This article predicts about the future of social-economic status of people in a society. It points out that SES can predict success, mortality, achievement, and health. SES influences morbidity and mortality in different ways such that individuals from higher SES have high access to better health care, education and other social amenities. Besides, the latter is exposed to environmental protection. The author further explains the challenges faced by individuals from lower SES- who most likely indulge in unhealthy social behaviors among them smoking, taking alcohol, and drugs abuse among prostitution.

Wyatt, H., Brown. S & Haynes, M (2011). Social class and social-economic status: Relevance and Inclusion in MPA-MPP Programs

This paper points out that, increasing rates of income inequality has greatly influenced social equity in society. Service delivery to the general public has been affected by the widening gap between the rich and the poor hence leading to economic segregation among the people in a particular geographic area. A close look at the U.S economy has been analyzed whereby in recent years, the state is regarded to have undergone through a severe economic downturn. This Great Recession in the U.S has contributed to a decline in mobility, economic segregation and increase in income inequality.

Racism and prejudice

Chelliah (2018). The article that changed my view of how we can counter racial prejudice

The author briefly describes how an article by Reni Eddo-Lodge transformed her view about her own identity and how to work towards racial equality. The author examines the link between class and race and perhaps how to have a new framework to acknowledge and do away with racism. According to this article, the best applicable way through which people can erode racial prejudice is to acknowledge the fact that ethnic minorities are part of a community and therefore ought to be recognized.

Richeson (2018). Science of Racism

This research article suggests that Whites still believe they are predominantly superior to other races. These perceptions have contributed to prejudice and discrimination. The research further suggests the Whites often feel less threatened once they interact with other races. However, other races have also created a notion that Whites are the center of public attention hence making them gain more supremacy than other races. The outlines the psychological discourse regarding the nature of prejudice and racism, how it affects people and above all, how best individuals can combat the vice.

Struyk (2017). Blacks and Whites see racism in the United States differently

In this article, the author addresses critical issues on how blacks and whites perceive racism. This came barely after 2014/2015 African-American police killings hence clear evidence of racial discrimination in the United States. President Donald Trump noted the prevalence of disparities between African-Americans compared to whites. Black-Americans often perceive that they are discriminated from the Americans. The research also indicates that nonwhites are not treated equally in the criminal justice system.

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