Auditing a Website for Culture Diversity: Walmart

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Date:  2021-03-11


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Walmart is considered one of the most successful retail stores globally. In this regard, the store has the ultimate goal of maintaining its public image higher than its competitors. However, this process is diverse and requires diverse approaches to attract external focus for the existing and prospective clients as well. In particular, one of the most accessible points in the contemporary business operations is the official website. Many individuals globally can access business sites and other important information at the click of a button. Subsequently, there has been robust growth in the number of internet users which has created significant challenges for organizations seeking to draw lines in the competitive global markets (LeCavalier, 2013). For renowned business operatives, this has not been a minor challenges as it presents an avenue for exposition of the ultimate capacity of the business which is subject to comparison with others in the industry and beyond besides creating a comparative framework between the business online images and its actual position in the market.

Research Objectives

1.1. Accessibility of Diversity Materials at Walmart's Site

1.1.1. Direct Link

The main diversity information from the site pertains to the suppliers and can be obtained from the link below: Search Results - One of the ultimate results from this search includes pictorials, CEO declaration and success stories that demonstrate the position of the company with regard to diversity.

1.1.3. Primary Dimensions

The primary dimensions of diversity from this site include supplier diversity that is highly expressed across the site.

1.1.4. Secondary Dimension

The secondary dimensions include success stories that unravel hidden expression of diversity and some of the reputable achievements in the field of diversity.

2.0. Importance of Diverse Information to Employees/Suppliers/Customers

2.1. The suppliers access pertinent information that guides new and existing suppliers in mutual business engagements.

2.2. The employees are well versed with critical information pertaining to their organization as well as the expectations of their clients while customers access important information that guides their purchases.

3.0. Appropriateness of the Photographs and Graphic Material on Diversity

4.0. Perception on Diversity of Walmart

4.1. Customers Perspective - Customers view diversity as a function of many elements defined by the global space reached by retailers' market scope.

4.2. Employees Perspective - The employees perceive the organizational diversity skewed towards customers and suppliers and considerable negligence on their specific needs.

4.3. Suppliers Perspective - Suppliers are well versed with the diverse scope of suppliers as provided for by Walmart from its extensive business portfolio.

5.0. Internal Management Issue detrimental to Prominence of Organizational Website Diversity

Selection Criteria Walmart received diversity award amidst severe claim of discrimination against women in their enterprises during the Hall of Infamy scenario. The selection was based on the measures by Walmart to support women especially from its 10 years devotion to supporting women through the fight of the biggest discrimination class activity lawsuit in history of the US.

Sponsoring Organization

The award was sponsored by the Network of Executive Women's CPG/Retail Diversity Hall of Fame.

6.0. Walmart has been able to garner Diversity Awards as deduced from its official website.

7.0. As a female Job Applicant, I would apply for the job despite having recognized the poor working environment in anticipation for future change as a result of increased external criticism.

8.0. Conclusion

Finally, Walmart is a major global retailer with renowned business portfolio. However, the retailer lacks a worker-friendly policies leading to an aggregation of poor working condition. However, as the website demonstrate the retailer place high emphasis on institutional diverse supplier base. This is considered elemental in enhancing its product quality and the overall pricing mechanism. In the retail industry, Walmart has been key to enhancing its corporate image among them being enhanced diversity in virtually all its organizational sectors including its subjective simulation of employees welfare, its clients and the larger fraternity of suppliers.


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