Essay Example on MENA Region: Fostering Economic Growth & Enhancing Mutual Benefits

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MENA region includes a combination of many countries that come together to develop the area, including Bahrain, Israel, Egypt, and Iraq, among them. The countries have a connection that is bound to enhance mutual benefits among them by having their products shipped in and out of them. The organizations in the MENA region have received the privilege of very rapid growth that is a positive impact in the economic sector. The companies vary in production, processing, and what they manufacture.

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Controlling and Improving Quality

Taking control of an organization's activities comes with a mandate to monitor and watch over an entity on all its operations from the production, packaging, transportation, and even distribution to various customers. When a business management board has taken full charge of a company, probably, numerous changes and transitions are expected, which are positive energy in its level of profits and general returns (Siraj & Bharti, 2020). Quality management ensures a consistent supply of goods and services without a cause of hindrance to satisfy the customer demands and wants with its major components, which are the quality improvement, control, planning, and assurance. Good control is reflected by the output achieved and the good management created within working premises to handle every challenge coming along the way. Quality management is aimed at the means to achieve the service quality and the product too to minimize the level of pressure and predictable assumptions that lead to definite failure. Services gauge with the level of the payment where the quality can be defined as suitability on how the item performs in a given function.

Modern organizations are in a dire need for quality products. Many organizations are facing the challenge of offering the same products, thus causing an overflow of the supply in the market (Jin et al., 2018). According to GĂĽlbay & Kahraman (2016), the result of too many quantities of the same product is predictable competition, which is guided by the demand for every entity to win customers and have a wide margin of profits at its disposal. The ties are easily be broken through the use of quality products as when the quality of a product is low, and the demand also goes down hence triggering the urge to produce quality products. The quality process invites a valid degree through assessment and procedure for quality. It is taken to action and implemented to produce artifacts where proper tools and improvement mechanism quality is achieved. Modern companies are advantaged with the age of technological advancement where the products are easily modified and changes made within a short time to suit the best quality for the market demands. The age has adapted the newest technological aspects, making it fruitful in the production, manufacturing, and even the transportation sector, creating huge profits. The measurement plan is set as the last option to prepare an excellent review of the strategies that have been implemented and put to detail their achievement and failures that are involved for future amendments and changes. An appropriate improvement strategy is meant to boost a company's quality production or result in deterioration of the product qualities, thus pushing away and losing more customers over the same product.

Manufacturing Organization in MENA

AlMarai Company, among the largest dairy companies with the most significant food products and beverage manufacturers in the region, are distributed across the area. The enterprise manufactures an immense range of dairy products, fresh juices, poultry, bakery, and infant formula produced and carefully transported to the market for customer supplies. The Almarai organization is a perfect study case where the management body is well addressed in an organization's meeting on management. They are assigned to oversee tasks in various sectors of the entity. The plan is laid out on what is expected of every sector and the ultimate goal of production in terms of profits. A follow-up as a quality assurance measure is made by the senior organization personnel (Aguilar et al., 2017). All departments get a directive of the main list, and the quality process is tried on one of them before a total implementation where we choose the warehouses. The quality control phase requires the warehouse workers to keep a good count on all the products stored and taken out every day to the distribution areas, and all data noted down for final analysis. The continuous analysis of data processed in a given schedule or sequence enables the monitoring of probable chances to improve quality production in an entity. Attribute control charts show data plot by the number of defective units where the proven technology can increase productivity drastically. There are several suggested options for process capability for the case as the measurement system can be improved to achieve continuous enhanced success. The mean set as the standard level can be moved to increase process capability as they reduce common cause variation to eliminate minor expenditures and the error level in the operations. A suitable measurement plan can be tried on the warehouse sector in line with the organization's objectives, where profit limits can be set at a certain percentage and the number of bags to be taken out in a day. Hence, as when achieved, it is a clear assumption that the plan is met. Suggestions on the improvement strategy are directed to workers whom the level of productivity relies on; thus, rewards for the most improved in the assignments will increase competition and the overall outcome.

Development and Implementation of Control Charts

Using the Almarai case, the warehouse department acts as the practice area where the facilities' storage levels are our intervention variable. The storage strategy will be a common ratio to guide equity in the available products' storage houses. Some facilities will have milk cans and beverage containers at a ratio of 50:60, respectively; thus, our scheme of measurement is through weights for the remaining levels of products in the storehouses. The weights for the products will be written down to be fed in our choice of statistical process control, which will monitor the daily values and how they vary. The control charts are essential tools to assess variation in cases where measurement is valuable where the application of scale measurements can be of aid to acquire a sure data. Some charts direct sample data from subgroups representing statistics for standard deviation means and range sub-groups while others make samples for individuals. The X and R chart will be updated with measurements for 20 warehouses. It will allow easy monitoring of data daily when the variables are gathered at a regular interval. The chart will use an analysis range of 1>n<10 to have an estimate of probable options in the increase of supplies outside the warehouses.

Process Analysis

Monitoring is the best option to select for the analysis process to reach the quality measures laid for the organization's objectives. The study's choice is the warehouses where monitoring of houses consists of daily counting of the sold and remaining products, taking into consideration the lost, poured, and even the spoiled products to get the exact sales at regular intervals. There is a price to pay for every quality procedure in a company production, thus the challenges involved in maintaining the process capability. Measurements impact the behaviors from a general point of view, which indicates that confusing metrics create a wrong impression of what is happening, thus costing organization leaders. The predictable challenges in the process will be employers' reluctance to perform their tasks and maintain the daily pace, having corrupt personnel who will steal from the company sales altering the daily data, unpredicted expiring of products, and consistency in the data offered by the workers. An excellent choice of parameters leads to proper tracking of the business system, ensuring the daily progress of an organization to meet its set goals and objectives. AlMarai Company would require a generated control chart that would enable us to keep the data updated for the daily changes and alterations in the system (Siraj & Bharti, 2020). The company's control chart would be a presentation to monitor the range and standard deviation of products from the production points to the distribution centers in line with the daily creations and sales made in the company to estimate the robustness of the non-normality. Distributions are made in various modes of the collection as long as the major aim of serving the customers to the best is met. The MINITAB will be an appropriate tool to analyze the research data where the data will be divided into three; the number of products sold, the percentage of the products left in the facilities, and the quantity that expired or lost. The samples will be.20, 30, 40 kilograms, respectively.

Applying Monitoring Variability

The control chart table can track down rational aspects of individual samples in reducing geometrically. The sample mostly weighed the highest as they offer a minimal contribution. On the transactional and service business, every quality improvement tool can be used as most of the continuous data cannot be said to be distributed. An encounter with some vital hindrances the use of nonparametric and transformations would be essential aspects to execute and eliminate a challenge. Various suggested ways can be used to extend the exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) to reach an amicable solution for data analysis when applied in a business context (Riaz et al., 2016). The chart can be extended through monitoring variability in the chart flow as various aspects of a business entity result in the table's varied results. Another suggested way to reach the EWMA is by monitoring the count data where the data is varied as the factors in the business to do with production depend on the weight on input. The proceeded efforts on the distribution that give a great profit margin result also get an equal share of consideration. The EWMA can be taken as an estimator of the process level considering the facts that are noticed; hence the same data is applied on the process phase to give ultimate results in counting the recent occurrences that are detailed to guide the process phase. Through this measure to extend the chart, the firm can quickly gain its stability through consistent follow-up on the resulting data.

Almarai’s ability to monitor, produce, and distribute quality products to the consumers at a large scale and profundity is supported by forceful financial management with a daily assessment of the outcome. Innovation has a likewise vital role to perform in cost validation and operational competence, the location in which they hold a solid track record. The company has a Triple-A Program, a follow-up schedule to its agility, accountability, and every cause of action to touch all parts of the business. It necessitates all directors to continuously recognize ways to reduce the costs or functioning more resourcefully. Triple-A transported savings of around 300 million as a result of the business profits, further indicating Almarai's agility. The monitoring program is part of the wider Almarai’s continuous excellence continuity scheme, which involves recognition strategies and results in senior managers' performance goals. Through this approach, the group has made a successful monitoring process and succeeded in creating innovative principles at the roots gauge so that everyone at Almarai comprehends the significance of innovation.

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