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Health and safety are essential in all social care institutions. Health and safety policies are significant because they help reduce risks that can be experienced in any social care. All health and safety regulations should be adhered to by all employers, service provider, residents, and stakeholders. Their so many health and safety issues in much social care workplace because people who are taken care of in those institutions are very venerable such as the elderly, people with mobility problems and people suffering from dementia. It's essential to monitor and review health and safety policies at close intervals because there are instances of change in the social care environment. The health and safety commission and executive, managers, and service providers are groups that have a great responsibility in enhancing health and safety. These priorities must comply with all regulations and healthy and much safer legislation. When all healthiness and safety policy has followed to people can live in a healthy environment away from possible risks.

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1.1 Health and safety communication

Issues such as minor cuts and burns that are developing in better life nursing home. These workplaces lack effective communication concerning health and safety either between employees, service users and stakeholder. In better nursing home three types of communication that are used. These are verbal, written and graphics. These types of communication are essential to enhance health and safety for everyone in better life nursing home. Verbal is the most commonly used type of communication in a better nursing home. It's the communication through words of mouth. Its important form to pass simple information from the management to service user. Verbal communication is essential for training. It's a faster and simpler way of communication because it can function as a pivot to quick intervention. The main disadvantage is noise from the background can lead to message distortion and this can lead to wrong understanding and unsuitable action. Second, there is written communication. In a better nursing home, this type of communication takes many forms such as posters, memo, email and reports with detailed information. A language and the message are supposed to be understood by everybody in the institution. This helps in secure communication in better life nursing home. The noticeboard is mostly used in the better nursing home to help pass vital information to each and everyone in the institution. Some of the information displayed in the notice board are; fire procedures and emergency evacuation, first aid arrangement details and health and safety goal details and the performance needed. They act as legal evidence that can be used in any court of law.

Lastly its graphic type of communication used in better life nursing home. Its uses photographs, drawing, and DVDs. Some information such as fire exits signs can use graphics to enhance effective communication. To reduce deaths, injuries and sickness graphics are used to warn everybody of electricity dangers, slippery floor, and noise pollution. According to the regulation of 1996, signpost concerning health and safety are essential. Safety Signs Directive are brought into force by regulation which helps on the establishment and uses the required safety signs in better life nursing home. Better nursing home adheres to the regulation requirement because fire alarm and Illuminated signs are used.

The legislation requires that all the managers and service providers of the workers formulate and preserve all written testimonial of health and safety rules according to work act 1974. All policies and policies revision were brought into staffs, service users and all stakeholders' attention by use of posters, notification, and issuing of documents. Policy documents explain all employers' duty. In better life nursing home all duties are backed up by organizing training courses and appropriate induction procedure was new employees are involved. The nursing home management must consult the employee's matters regarding health and safety. This creates a good relationship between management and employees and also enhance the excellent working environment. It also encourages the staff and makes them alert of all health and safety problems. According to work regulation, 1992 risk assessment by the employers to the employees at the workplace should be done and arrangements should be done to put in place preventative and protective measures. In better nursing home all procedures involved in dealing with hazards and ill health are known by all service users, better nursing home staff and stakeholders. Everybody in the better nursing home is provided with training and information about health and safety. This has helped during their work because the staff is not injured, they can achieve health and safety measures in a better way and the management takes its part in ensuring health and safety in the better nursing home (Gunninggham & Johnstone, 1999). A good practice is practiced to enhance better health and safety measures by reminding everybody of the safety concerns, sending emails concerning safety matter and regular posting about safety matters using posters.

1.2. Assessment of responsibility for health and safety management in accordance with organization structure

A lot of people are responsible to enhance healthiness and safety in any organization. The healthiness, as well as the safety executive and commission, managers and service providers, are the groups that have a great responsibility in enhancing the health and safety environment. Commissions main purpose are to encourage, enforce and regulate health and safety measures to the secretary of state. Executive's central role is to ensure health and safety executive regulates acts that are involved in the health and safety of any organization. They make sure that all regulations are followed according to legislation. Prompt inspections are made in a better nursing home to make sure that all rules concerning health and safety are adhered to. According to the last inspection by health safety executive an improvement notice was issued (Viscusi,1983). This means that all prescribed action was to be carried out within the stipulated time.

Employers as the management we have accomplished our responsibilities to make sure that all health and safety measures are effects. These responsibilities include maintaining equipment in better life nursing home and complying with the legal requirement and making sure that the wellbeing of service providers and staff at better life nursing home have a good environment for effective working and the service users are safeguarded. According to work act 1974, the employer or directors have to put in place revised written policy concerning healthiness and safety. It's the accountability of the management to make the revised policy and it should consist of the better life nursing home philosophy regarding health and safety, an organization which consists duties of every person in better life nursing home and arrangement which view the procedures and system used in better life nursing home. The policy shows the responsibility management have, to guide the management that its duty to oversee that everything is done effectively to prevent injuries among staff and service users in better nursing home and make sure all the safe have conducive environment to work, also the policy highlights the responsibility of the employee to prevent self-hurt or injuries and also for the service users (Sheeran and Silverman, 2003)

It's the duty of the employees who work at better life nursing home to be responsible to make sure all health and safety issues are prevented. Their responsibility includes:

  • To follow all health and safety procedures within better life nursing home
  • Take care of the elderly and make sure they are not exposed to any harm and also take care of themselves
  • In case of any hazards, risks, and accidents they are supposed to report immediately
  • It's the right of the employee to have proper training regarding health and safety
  • In a better life, nursing home employees have their rights and they are fully respected.

1.3 Healthiness and safety priorities

Prioritizing healthiness and safety actions are considered the most significant aspects when it comes to better life nursing home and this priority must comply with all regulations and health and safety legislation. The following are the priorities in the institution. In a better life nursing home, everybody is provided with facilities that are important and these include, toilets, sanitary disposal amenities for women, a clean environment for taking lunch, clean drinking water. It's important to care about the welfare of these patients because it's the responsibly of the better life nursing home to be responsible for every patient. In better life nursing home the environment is conducive for the resident. This because their enough space for the patients to talk a walk, the environment is tidy and clean and the temperatures are conducive for patients who spend most of their time indoors.

According to regulations 1989, all fire precautions must be put in place to avoid injuries in case of any fire break up. All arrangements are put in place in better life nursing home to prevent any fire accordance and also prevention in case of fire break up. These include how to get to firefighters in case of fire, fire prevention, and emergency evacuation. In case of fire, patients are evacuated from the building by the help of the staff. All buildings in better life nursing home have signs and notices showing the routes to be followed in case of emergency. These signs marked with either white or green also minor accidents such as cut and burns mostly occurs to patients in better life nursing home. If this occurs it's important to report to the supervisor on duty. Major accidents and illness should immediately be reported to the management.

2.1 Risk assessment and care planning

Care planning is an essential portion of guaranteeing security, healthiness, and safety of residents in better life nursing home. This institution contains peoples that are vulnerable because they are elderly and at the same time suffering from dementia. There is the incidence of minor cuts and burn in better life nursing home and so there is the need for risk assessment handling, controlling and monitoring process and guidelines that should be del...

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