Election in USA: Free & Transparent Fairness for All Voters - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-25


In the united states, the election has been free and transparent in the election times of the country. There are majorly two groups of actors in the power of leadership in the united states. The election done by the electoral college in the united states gives the election process to be controlled by the free and transparent fairness election in the Nations. The election majorly symmetricity with the power of the democrats and the Republicans’ voters. The strategical campaign of the candidates giving the tyranny of the number in the presidential election will win.

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Campaign Strategy

The campaign strategy is narrowing down to the competition with the opponents. Only the race is between the Democrats and the Republicans. The number of voters determines the general election being distributing accumulating to the winner with the highest percental, above specific percentage minimum baseline of leadership (Alexander, 2019). The state's competition and the percentage parameters of the winning candidates. The Republican strategy of the winning strategy in the collision being the campaigning manager in the process strategy of winning has to take the scrutiny analysis to win the tyranny of numbers to be the political winner in the presidential election.

Statistical Analysis to Favor the Republican

The total number of states initiates states being 50 analytical to win the election 2/3 of the state’s voters need to be taking the lead with the republican scooping the larger share. Since the 2008 election from the electrons college results in the company. The statistical analysis being the statistically records having the 365 votes having the ballot count of the 69456000 votes voting for the democrat and the republican having 173 votes of the 593400 and the respective percentage voting of 52.9% and 45.7%. In 2012, the rise of vote turns up of 332 and 65446032, making 50.9%. Republicans had 206 votes making 60,589,084 and 47.1% (Bruns & Highfield, 2015). In 2016 of Donald Trump winning elections with 304 having 62,979,636 having the 36.0% and Hillary Democrat of 227 votes and voters of 65,844,610 of 48.1 %.

With the general statistical increment in the percentage of the voter in electronica voters in the confidence of the republican, the campaign team is narrowing down republican candidates, after taking the win on the electoral votes. The swing states voters are to boost the votes in the extensive margin to overtake the competitor of the democrat. The percentage target of the swing voters is to convince the voters in the 70% protection. If in the case then speculation of the voter drops slightly, then of 60% win. The 50 states are available in the united states making up the total votes’ affiliation (Doherty, 2016). However, the total votes of Florida states will actively be taking to the democrat, and the swing states need to be the replacement to the Florida state.

Last Week Target and Transport Optimal Minimization

In the last week of the campaign, the intensive force, if seeking votes, needs to be on the swing states to make the voters more confident and sway along with the 60+% of these states. The algorithm for the transport and the covering of the countries in the maximization (Doherty, 2016). Minimizing the traffic to the strong democrat hold and maximizing to the swing states making the republican state more norm of the standard curve of voters’ confidence.


The voter’s election is free and fair for the sovereignty of the people. Making the general determination in the voter tyranny of numbers making the win. The campaign needs to take charge of the stronghold, and the full swing states voters of 60%+ voters. To cover up the competition from the democrats. The campaign needs to be fruitful in the travel and a no-waste algorithm to the user. In general, 70%+ of the total vote will be a clean win.


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