Articles Review on Hinduism and Christianity

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Date:  2021-03-13

Pardon, Robert. An open letter to disciples of Hinduism, Christian Answers,, (accessed April 22, 2016)

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As a member of the New England Institute of Religious Research, Pardon Robert targets all disciplines of Hinduism in response to a friend's journal article. He fields the question, Which worldview (Christian vs. Hindu) is true, and how can that be demonstrated and tested? citing how Christianity is rooted in history and invites investigation while Hinduism professes a seamless worldview where everything God.

Rochford, James. Comparing Hinduism with Christianity, Evidence Unseen,, (accessed April 22, 2016)

James Rochford is a teacher of theology, and Christian studies at Xenos Christian Fellowship. He charts the differences between Hinduism and Christianity then considers each comparison in detail. Of interest is his analysis of; the existence, or lack thereof, of a Trinity in Hinduism, the concept of creation, and the afterlife, which William Hedrick does not discuss, while seemingly supporting the Christian worldview.

Carlson, Jason . What do Hindus Believe?, Christian Ministries International, , (accessed April 22, 2016)

Jason Carlson, the President of Christian Ministries International, seeks to equip Christians to share their faith with those in other religions. He critiques Hinduism despite it being one of the oldest and most influential religions in the world. Like Rick Rood, he questions the value of man in Hinduism where everything is god while establishing the unique standing of Christianity as opposed to Hinduism.

Oakes, John. How can we prove that Christianity is a true and superior religion to Hinduism?, Evidence for Christianity, , (accessed April 22, 2016)

John Oakes holds a dual PhD in chemistry and physics, having taught for 30 years, giving him a background to deal with areas of science and the Bible. In this website article, he chooses to point out the benevolent works done in the name of Christ over proving that miraculous experiences are bogus. As is the case with Jason Carlson, Oakes is sympathetic to Christianity.

Tripp, Dick. Four Major Worldviews, Grace Communion International, , (accessed April 22, 2016)

Unlike the other writers, Dick Tripp compares four major worldviews namely; Atheistic materialism, Hinduism, Postmodernism and Christianity placing each into a historic context while critically defining their view of reality, morality, tolerance, death, truth and reason, and individualism. He provides a new perspective of Hinduism where he likens it to Buddhism and New Age Thinking while affirming the existence of God in Christianity.

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