The Best Museum: A Website Survey for History Students - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-30


History makes up a significant aspect of human life, as it helps humans relate to what makes them. In this aspect, a visit to the museums would be fascinating, and the best museum would improve student experiences. The assignment entails a review of the museum websites to understanding the activities and artifacts of exhibit in the museum. The website survey aims to help decide the best museum by the information on their website and develop an individualized perception on the site. The assignment involved a review of multiple websites and picked on the American Museum of Natural History and the National Gallery of Art museum as the best websites. The essay compares and contrasts the American Museum of Natural History and the National Gallery of Art museum Website. This evaluation looks into the website design features, contents, and the aesthetic impression the website gives to visitors. An understanding is vital to deciding on the best museum to visit and, at the same time, help develop an understanding of what to expect during a visit.

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Initially, when composing a comparison approach of the websites, the American Museum of Natural History website stands the best chance of one ever revisiting the site. This is essential because of its structure that allows visitors to multiple attractions. Initially, as discussed above, it has a good design and enough content on the museum exhibits. The site, to some extent, describes the diverse and central nature of natural science to human life. The website can be viewed by people of all ages and non-art and history lovers who may come across the site.

Secondly, in a comparative approach to the two websites, I believe they are both effective in representing museums they represent. Initially, when discussing aspects on the National Gallery Art museum website, it can be described to fit the museum it represents, throughout human history, the artwork is represented in an old fashioned and dull-colored way. In this aspect view, the color can be understood to represent artwork the museum exhibits. Additionally, the nature of the website can be described to be effective in attracting art lovers globally through the simple and, at the same time, captivating view of the website (National Gallery of Art). On the other hand, the American Museum of Natural History website is useful in advertising the respective website effectively. In this aspect, the museum exhibits masterpiece artifacts in various dimensions. Hence, the use of color would help attract users. Additionally, the American Museum of Natural History exhibits artwork loved by all age groups, including children who are known for their love for colorful things. In this aspect, the website design in terms of color would help attract young ones and families to visit the museum.

In contrast, the American Museum of Natural History had the best web design as it has an excellent visual impression when visiting the website. It has a unique aesthetic impression that gives visitors a good visual impression on the website improves the chances of repeat visits on the museum website. An explanation of the concept, the image has good use of color, and the photos used realistic enough and encourage one to visit the actual website. The aesthetic value of the website is the best predictor of one attending the website again (National Gallery of Art). On the other side, the National Gallery of Art museum Website has a stable and good looking website. However, the aesthetic value of the National Gallery of Art museum Website has less aesthetic value as compared to the American museum of natural history. In this dimension view, the website lacks a lively aspect, as in the case of the American Museum of Natural History.

Secondly, website constituents and the ease of maneuvering through the site was an important aspect of consideration. The American Museum of Natural History has good and meaningful information on the museum and what they exhibit. This helps one understand more about the museum while keep them anticipating to visit the museum physically. The museum has exhibitions in several fields. The museums' exhibitions range from science, color, space shows, ancient and rare animal species, and other special exhibits. In addition, the website has permanent exhibitions that guarantee one will have fun viewing exhibitions (History American Museum of Natural). The museum website also has its structure well, an aspect that enables users to view maximum contents and exhibits. On the other hand, the National Gallery of Art museum Website has essential information. However, it lacks proper navigation options that enable one to maneuver through the website with comfort. The website is complex structured and makes it hard for one to move through the website with ease.

The American Museum of Natural History was the best website among the reviewed websites, mainly because of its affiliation to human history. In this aspect view, the museum helps one build an understanding of almost all aspects of human life. Being a lover of history, the national gallery of the art museum was the second most exiting website in reviews as it depicts an essential aspect of human culture through artworks. As they represent an important aspect of human history, I believe the two museum websites would be the most interesting to visit. Further, the ease of navigation, aesthetic value, and the website contents make it an outstanding website for the American Museum of Natural History museum (National Gallery of Art). It plays its role in advertising the museum exhibits to nature, science, and history lovers of all ages. Additionally, the universal quality of the website allows users to set dates on a visit at the same site, hence, convenience when booking trips to the museum.


To conclude, the museum review process was exciting and encouraging. It helps raise enthusiasm on museum exhibits, hence helping one determine the museum to visit. In addition, it helped set visiting dates based on the available exhibits and services offered by the respective museums. Hence the decision to pick on the above discussed was for my love for history and natural history as exhibited by the two museums. Some of the most interesting areas of the review process focused on services and the impact of the website content and design non-American natives and how the respective websites proved to help market the museums and the services it the museum offers. The American Museum of Natural History was the most interesting museum website I was likely to visit again or even visit the museum. This was not only based on the good aesthetic impression the site gives to visitors but also other elements like contents and the excellent web design that makes the website a master class of its kind.

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