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Most of the English-speaking countries are the champion of cultural diversities among the people who reside in various states. The people in these countries have different religious beliefs, ethnic background, and language traditions. In this group, people there rise minorities because of their orientation when it comes to sex and disabilities they expose. Diversity is an inspiration element in every multicultural country. In these papers, you will be able to distinguish the benefits and challenges that come along with the different setting, for example at different works places, sports activities in the fields and in our everyday life activities. Workplaces are structured in the way to set rules and regulation that help to unite individual from diverse ethnic groups (Shao, 2015). These regulation aims to provide safety and heathy care to the employees. Employers ensure that the employees get a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities despite having unique languages background. However, it is normal to get a group of people who are not competent in speaking English. Therefore, it poses challenges in communication in social and workforce areas and indicates the need to be mindful of others. In every aspect of society, it tends to lean on the minorities. you will find society writing about challenges they face in English- speaking country.

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The grievances of the minorities may be expressed in form of text, as they point out on vital issues such sexual harassment, discrimination racially and exploitative sufferings. As you learn in the text about diversity in people genre as they understand and discuss a range of diversity topics. It is vital to acknowledge and appreciate diversity among different ethnic speaking the native English language. For many studies that have been conducted it has been found that English speaking countries in the world are the most diverse culture and ethics as compared to the countries which don't speak English. Here is an excellent example of such cases.

The United Kingdom

Every country in the world has their own culture which defines their heritage and identity. The factor can be considered like belief, language, and religious belief. In the current world there is increased travel through air and also immigration that has resulted from the population movement has led to most countries today having the diversity of small ethnic groups which are considered the minority. They live with the leading country people. These minority groups have their traditions and cultural difference that result to the cultural diversity of the county they live at. The multicultural society is the name that can be used to define the much cultural diversity in those countries and it's important to note that this is the very opposite of what we call cultural uniformity (Shao, 2015). Diversity can take any form. The example is when the citizen of a particular country may have their way of dressing style diversity, also have food, and language as well as other traditions that defer entirely with the standard moral behavior of morality. The United Kingdom can be defined as one of the most diverse and has a multicultural country which had resulted from the recent immigration that took place in the last fifty years. on these conditions, it has been the duty of progressive UK governments to advance approaches that empower social union and battle segregation and disparity for every one of its subjects.

As we have seen that it is very essential for the for the race relations that the communities in the UK should work together and eventually try to have a sense of belonging for the betterment of the country future (Shao, 2015). It is important to note that diversity is not only limited to ethnicity but also diversity can also mean that an indigenous people foundation, for example, their social class, sexual introduction and additionally their sex. The descendants of these ethnic groups have led the foundation of the fourth generation of all the British company. And the majority of these ethnic groups have been integrated into British society.

Cultural diversity in the UK jobs market

There has been a gradual increase in the rate at which the employee is getting into the job market in the modern-day United Kingdom. Findings have shown that most of these job applicants are from people who have a diverse ethnic background. It could be important to note that employers in such situation are to guarantee that their HR division treats each candidate decently and settles on business choices dependent on legitimacy. They should not oppress applicants due to their age, religion difference, or even race, sex or sexual introduction

Hence there should be positive measures that should be taken to enhance the execution of those social groups of people who are falling behind. Managers gave preparing and other help ought to be seen as a long-haul interest in their workforce. As the United Kingdom has become more multicultural in the recent past its essential note that this poses lots of challenges for the recruiters and also the employers. The challenge of fairness brings the most significant challenge as the rate of discrimination in the job market as continuously increased and their ethnic group finds themselves when trying to get jobs in these countries. s substantial scale movement to Britain started in 1940's it very well may be contended that Britain has more understanding than most other industrialized economies of social decent variety in the employments showcase. This has put us at the bleeding edge of multiculturalism and furthermore creating work based decent variety arrangements.

American cultural diversity

For every native American tend to create social association in an interesting manner. Person who is believed to have their ancestral and family background usually decide on their social and personality practices which are likely to change throughout one's life. the government of America was able to adopt an organization, state of child welfare project and churches comes in huge number to embrace the enforcement of the organization since it seeks to unite families including American Indian and non-American Indians. The Indian Child Welfare Act was important to ensure every child learns (Douglas, 2018). seizing this opportunity many Indian American children have been raise with little of sound mindfulness or learn the cultural values they should incorporate for harmonious living. Hence, they try to look and trace their homeland contraries, undefined family. In the native united states, it experiences its cultural diversity in a very different way. In America individual family history and his outlook place an essential role in determining the cultural identity and their practice with very many changes in the life of an individual personality. Previous studies have influenced the integration of cultural influences. Diversification in economic performance, we are Among the multicultural and comprehensive measures that the United States Human development includes health, education, and income. Cultural diversity is divided into three parts. Race, language and religion in seeing the between. Human development, religion, and linguistics; Negative relationships with racial diversity. This relationship is compelling, Use alternative mathematical methods for our variety of effects. Compatible with profitable varieties by exposure to diversity. Experience, ideas and skills Communication of the desired difference Displacement of two polarities the group concluded that "Benefits of Cost Reduction.

The American culture encompasses on the customers and also the traditions of all the U.S. the American culture encompasses on religion what they wear, the food they take an also the diverse language and also music. The ethnic community in the united states has resulted in the challenges of race and discrimination for the minority community like this the Hispanics in workplace and even gender inequality.

Racism means racial, ethnic, cultural or religious discrimination. Racial behavior and practice are collectively referred to as racial discrimination, along with underlying beliefs and prejudices. Supporting cultural diversity means respecting different lifestyles by respecting them concerning arrogance, democracy, human rights frameworks, and respect for diversity as a property. Reducing racial segregation is an essential step in increasing cultural diversity. The highest risk category for race discrimination is Australian Aboriginal and non-English speaking foreigners. Australians in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa are less vulnerable than European countries (Pennycook, 2017). This assessment provides an evidence-based approach to field intervention planning that emphasizes racial discrimination and cultural diversity. Corporate self-assessment has been identified as the first step in the workplace. Corporate self-assessment is a process of conscious change, planning, and retrospective adjustment that includes non-discrimination in the various functions of the organization.


Australia as an English-speaking country have a distinguishable history that give shape to Australian diversity of their indigenous people, their culture as well as their lifestyle in our today life's. What make Australia diverse country is, extensive immigration all over the world, indigenous population and British colonization in the past. In our current world it is estimated Australian to have a total of 23.4 million population extremely rich in culturally and linguistically diversification in worlds population (Douglas, 2018). Majority of Australian were born abroad, closely followed by people whose guardians possible one or two were born abroad. Australia is believed to have more 260 dialects and practices a wide variety range of region activities. Australian culture exhibits rich cultural diversity which outstand in society in field such as musicians, writers, sport and craftsmanship. This has marked a success in Australian History in terms of variation and diversification of culture and the history. Cultural diversity poses different challenges in the job market, Racial discrimination in the workplace has had a negative impact on individuals, organizations, and societies, resulting in significant health, social and economic costs. There is clear evidence that poorer racial discrimination leads to health, especially mental health and health problems. Adverse social impacts have a negative impact on children, families and communities, and the adverse economic effects on organizations and the broader economy. Organizations play an important role in preventing racial discrimination and supporting cultural diversity and can be implemented with the following benefits:


English has brought a great link between culture through its role as an educational system that can be used not only but in communication. But almost everywhere in the world. In the process of globalization inclusion of cultural homogenous, pattern of communication has set an important role in sharing of knowledge and ideas on world culture.

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