Native American Cultural Center and Key Personnel Essay

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Native American Cultural Center is a hospitality industry that depends heavily on high customer satisfaction and meeting the needs of different customers. For NACC to retain and attract new customers, it must offer quality tourism services. It can only achieve this through employing the right personnel that are capable of delivering quality services. Because some tourists visit NACC to get away from troubles, it is essential to give them the best experience that cannot allow them to switch to other cultural centers. It is therefore necessary for NACC to hire workers based on skills and behaviors that can attract customers of tribal cultures and traditions.

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The Concept Fits and Core Competencies

Core competencies were formally introduced by Prahalad and Gary Hamel as a very important concept that helps the organization coordinates its diverse production skills and how the organization work and deliver value to its stakeholders (Gupta, 2013). The implementation of core competencies in the organization helps the organization achieve successful growth. Core competencies are important in creating a coherent teamwork in the organization that facilitates strategic development. The implementation of the core competencies also enforces recruitment and selection process by controlling behaviors the organization wants to achieve its business strategies (Lock, 2011). It is therefore, an essential way of identifying appropriate workers with the skills and proficiencies that are needed in implementing the organizational strategies. It helps in establishes a model of the kind of workers it anticipates to attract thus making it as a tool used in getting qualified and experienced workers to deliver it desires. Finally, the implementation of core competencies also encourages innovation and creativity of the organization. It makes the organization to diversify its portfolios so that it can reach its full potential and also from the profitable use of the available resources.

The Type of Corporate Culture Offering Successful Implementation

A corporate culture is an organizational culture that has different beliefs, values and other cultural elements that describes a given business organization. Business organizations usually use various types of corporate cultures that they often mix together to support efficient implementation of various strategies (Bullock, 2007). Corporate culture is not merely company schemes as it reflects and enforces the way in which workers interact with each other, company values and the way the company is created to achieve its goals. The type of corporate culture that is likely to provide the best possibility for successful implementation is a social culture which allows for collaboration and participation of different employees. It also enforces teamwork and healthy relationship between different employees. In most cases, it focuses on taking care of employees by ensuring they work in good working condition and also giving them a higher remuneration than usual to diagnose and also recompense accomplishments and to foster participation from all the workers (Singh & Singh, 2016). This culture ensures that the company nurtures and up bring loyal and skilled workforce instead of booting all the workers who do not have the required qualification. This culture also ensures that there is a sense of meaning, identity, and pride which all the workers enjoy their work and this helps the organization in implementing their strategic goals.

The Key Roles, Responsibilities, and Qualifications of the Implementation Team

The cross-functional business implementation team has different roles, responsibilities, and qualifications. The implementation team has different roles and responsibilities in order prevent duplication of duties and create a division of labor. Because each role and responsibility requires a given skill, each team member must have academic qualification and experience that corresponds to the responsibilities (Bullock, 2007). The qualification, roles, and a responsibility of the implementation team who have undergone proper training and has motivation have the capacity to influence successful implementation process (Singh & Singh, 2016). It is necessary for the implementation team to include Chief operations officer, IT assistants, interpreters, educationists, reservationists, customer care, tour guides, marketers occupancy manager and .

Chief Operation Manager

COO is the head of operations management team and he is responsible for the daily running of the organization. The operations manager of NACC is responsible for the production of t-shirts in a smooth way.

Chief operations officer must have work experience of five years. He should also have a degree in operations management to enable him or her execute her roles effectively? Furthermore there are some skills that chief operations officer must have and they include communication skills, leadership skills, decision making skills and other essential skills that can support him in running daily activities of NACC.


It is also essential to have translators in NACC. They will be responsible for translating foreign languages such as French into local languages for tourists to foster communication between tourists and local people. They will also be responsible for educating tourists on cultural values of local people. Educationist educates tourists on cultural diversity of different Native American cultures and through this the organization drives its impressive growth successfully.

The ideal candidates must have work experience of not less than five years and must also have a degree in foreign languages such as French, German and even Arabic. The candidate must also have good communication skills, interpersonal skills and have good command in foreign languages. This allows them to communicate fluently with the tourists thus developing a strong bond between them.

Chief Marketing Officers

Marketers are also responsible for creating awareness about NACC and the kind of services it provides to tourists. He develops marketing strategies such as printing t-shirts for consumers to put an impressive image about NACC. In addition, CMO is also responsible for organizing marketing campaigns and sales promotions about the company. Finally he is also creates marketing budgets and organizes market researches which is essential in determining what customers wants such as the kind t-shirts that tourists desire.

Chief marketing officer must have at least five years of work experience in the same capacity. They must at least have 3years experience in carrying out the qualitative survey. They must have strong leadership skills, must be able to manage time effectively and have the ability to solve problems immediately. These skills are essential in ensuring that the company meets its expectations through conducting effective campaigns that makes NACC to create awareness about cultural practices it has.

Chief Finance Officers

Chief finance officer will be responsible for developing budgets and preparing financial statements such as income statements at the end of each accounting period. He ensures that there is proper allocation of resources in different departments of NACC in order to minimize misappropriation and increase accountability. In addition, he also gives financial advice to the board of directors.

It is essential when the candidate has a ten year work experience in the same capacity. He must also have completed master's degree in finance or accounting with the ability to give a sound advice on financial issues. Furthermore is required to have good communication skills, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills. These skills will help him collaborate and participate actively in decision making.

Occupancy Manager/ Reservation Manager

Occupancy manager will be responsible for managing reservation accommodations with teepee village. He also ensures that tourists have good overnight accommodations as it is a key element to the success of reservation of tourism. This increases the number of tourists visiting NACC in the months of spring, fall and winter.

The required employee must have a degree in business management with more than three years of work experience. In addition must have leadership skills, communication skills, problem solving skills and other skills that can allow him to collaborate with other employees.

An Outline of Contingency Plans the Team Should Modify

In the process of planning, there are several assumptions relating to what is likely to happen in the environment (Westergaard, 2008). Contingency plans are created to handle conditions that are likely to crop up when the assumptions undertook are wrong. Therefore, contingency plans are alternative strategies that are taken when the event disrupt the business operations. It gives the management an opportunity responds swiftly towards the unforeseen events like strikes and natural disasters (Yu & Chen, 2011) . It is, therefore, necessary for NACC to modify its outsourcing contingency plan to ensure that it can contract IT, financial or even tour guide services from other companies in case there is shortage or when it cannot offer such services itself.


NACC is focused on offering quality tourism services to attract more and retain existing customers. It can only be achieved through recruiting workers with appropriate skills and proficiencies that allow them to offer superior services. For the employees of NACC to deliver quality services, it must ensure that it develops social culture which allows participation of different employees. NACC also must modify its outsourcing contingency to provide an alternative course of action when the employees have either gone on strike.


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