Articles Analysis Essay on Elements of Business and the Management

Paper Type:  Course work
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Date:  2022-12-15


The article Mark Zuckerberg Wants Facebook to Emulate WeChat which has loopholes. Facebook's does not address the question of its target market for the services it intends to offer. Is there a growing need for such services and how different are the products from the pre-existing products in the market? Security is a major technological concern especially when it comes with video call tapping. I think coming up with premium services for the workplace environment would improve on their revenue as opposed to depending on ads from free platforms.

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I do not agree with the company's position. It is because Mr. Zuckerberg does not intricate much on how the change toward private informing would influence Facebook's business. Moreover, the move is not viable since it depends on individuals openly sharing posts. It also relies on the capacity to serve them focused on ads. However, it's vague whether Mr. Zuckerberg can pull every one of those highlights off with Facebook. The support for these administrations on WeChat is a versatile installments framework called WeChat Pay. Facebook needs such a payment framework. It must gain banking and installment licenses in numerous nations which is expensive.

A Strong Corporate Culture, the second article, does not address the pertinent question of how corruption affects productivity in the workplace. Deloitte has suggested a six-step program, but its viability is not apparent. To tackle fraud at the workplace, designate offices for reporting such incidences. The corporate should not be reactionary, and therefore should make deliberate efforts in educating employees about anti-corruption ethics. Reporting of cases in the workplace without discriminating people who come out to report incidences is an act that requires normalization.

The fact that organizations fix corruption after scandals show that they lack maintenance entities.. I agree with the proposed Deloitte's six-step program. It clarifies what their culture entails. It also makes sure that their employees are on board. Leadership hypocrisy creates a toxic environment and is one of the most common reasons for corruption in the workplace. A strong corporate culture is free of bribery and frauds in its entirety. A Strong Corporate Culture builds morals which can likewise help draw in high-performing representatives and lessen turnover.

The last article does not highlight the reasons that caused layoffs among many employees. Was it the nature of business? Did employees fall off with the management? Employment termination is rather vague. I strongly feel that even though the administration is at liberty to do what is right for the company, they should not do layoffs to dehumanize the employees. Upon termination of employment, it would be prudent for the management to offer early notice explaining why the employee's services are no longer needed at a company.

I concur with the fact that sending out the layoff via email is not the most professional way. As such, I disagree with the company's way of conducting the entire process. It does not reflect on proper business ethics or morals. The management needs to consider informing the present employees and clients about the choice, pending on job and position with the organization. It's critical to give honest clarification while maintaining confidentiality. It makes the current workers stay alert on realizing how work obligations will be separated. Moreover, we need to ask ourselves if there were any notifications meeting held about the layoff? Does the new structure take into consideration talent or work experience since the employees laid off were chief editors?


In conclusion, all these articles relate to the course work in that they discuss different elements of business and the management in general.

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