Transformational-Leadership and Zero Based Budgeting Essay

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Date:  2022-08-10

Budgeting is a plan that is used when there is need to spend money. It is also defined as the balance of income and expenses. A zero based budgeting (ZBG) is the opposite approach of decision making and traditional planning in line with the budget. Those that do budgeting must be professionals (Pyhrr, 2012). Budgeting like ZBG is important inhuman service agencies because it stresses on the importance of the programs that rationalize their presence in the planning process. Through budgeting, an organization is able to analyze a program's effectiveness and make a decision the best that can be used while cutting cost. Also, budgeting emboldens innovation and value products programs and discourage use of obsolete programs. In case of major changes in an organization, ZBG is very ideal.

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Cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis are different such that; cost benefit analysis as well as cost effectiveness analysis are tools of analysis used in planning budget adjustments, program expenses evaluations, and results for programs. Secondly, Cost-benefit analysis is not preferred for use in human services since it is not good for financial terms use while Cost-effectiveness analysis is the best to use in budgeting and program evaluation in determination of effective resource use. Additionally, cost-benefit analysis can start with performance level that is the needs of the organization or be used in funds allocation to reach a certain performance level. On the other hand, cost-effective analysis used in human services although it faces several challenges. Lastly, cost-benefit analysis is used only when monetary terms are used in the outcome while cost-effectiveness analysis reflects first on outcome and cost relationship regardless of the monetary value.

Transformational leadership is where team work is involved in leadership to know the changes needed, the causes of the changes in social and individual systems. It also involves vision creation to inspire the changes require and execution of the changes with the help of group committee members (Nguyen, Mia, Winata & Chong, 2017). The leadership creates positive and valuable changes in the members with an aim of making them develop into leaders. For instance, when leaders focus and elevate their employees' interests, when they create awareness and agree with the group's mission and when they work with the employees selflessly for the better of their group's goal like Steve Jobs owner of Apple company works.

The three types of consultation are; the expert consultation model where there is a specialist in evaluation of the program that focuses on the goals of the organization as the results. Another one is the organization development consultation where both the organization and the consultant work together to make the changes required in the organization and fully address the needs through developing an action plan. Lastly, is process model consultation where the consultant acts as a facilitator and advices the need of the organization using the process of change management. However, the consultant does not use the required technologies. The consultation type is bets for complicated cases. Consultation is necessary in any business for the expansion of their goals.


Staff initiated change can be change from above or below. According to Holloway, the frontline workers are the initiators of the process (Taylor-Hyde & Ellen, 2017). The weaknesses of this process is that the low-level employees who bring up divisive ideas will face some risks. That is because not all the employees will be willing to participate. Since the process requires total participation from all the employees, then due to some not willing to join in there is low commitment in workers including line workers.


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