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An organizational culture primarily refers to a set of beliefs and values that are associated with a particular business enterprise. In the course of this assignment, I have conducted extensive research on Apple Inc. which is an American multinational company. Apple's growth and expansion in both profitability and market power in the global mobile technology market is significantly attributed to the entity's stable business culture (Wilson, 2014). One of the artifacts discovered from Apple's culture is its distinctive symbols and slogans. The company has an adopted a unique fruit logo which leaves its products specially differentiated from the rest in the global electronics market. The logo is used as a mark of standard and high-end product which improves the buyer's sense of value creation for their money. Slogans such as Think Different have also been adopted and encouraged by the company's leadership to enhance innovation and creativity among the employees. Since its establishment, Steve Jobs discouraged conventional wisdom and status quo in improving the efficiency and profitability of the firm. The culture's openness to learning has improved its flexibility and stability especially in the fast-paced, globalized economy (Fortune, 2019).

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Another vital artifact that Apple Company has used to build and sustain a friendly and positive organizational culture is through rituals and ceremonies. An critical routine that is regularly conducted in the firm is the new hire training program (Pisano, 2019). This program entails the training of new employees on their detailed job descriptions to integrate them into the business procedures and processes. Such actions give the new employees a sense of belonging in their new work environment and gives them a chance to learn more about the company and their job description. Apple's corporate seminars, conferences, award ceremonies, and meetings are also regularly held during the year to promote social integration among the stakeholders (Fast Company, 2016).


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Legal Interests

The three main types of business organization are a sole proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation. During the formation of the sole-proprietorship enterprise, minimal legal documents are required. The entrepreneur is solely responsible for all profits, losses, and risks that the business may suffer in the course of its operations. This type of business is highly recommended in low-risk firms to minimize the risk of losing personal assets (Lee, Kozlenkova & Palmatier, 2015).

On the other hand, a partnership is a company that has been formed by two or more persons with similar business objectives. Capital contribution and profit sharing in a corporation are entirely determined by the nature of agreement signed during the company's formation. This form of business organization improves the resource ownership within a company by increasing the skills set for management and the available capital resources. Sharing losses among the partners also reduce the amount of business risk on one person, unlike in a sole proprietorship (Leuciuc& Popescu, 2013).

Apple Company is a limited public corporation which means that the members or owners of the entity enjoy separate legal liability from the business. The multinational technology company exists a separate legal entity which means that the corporation can be sued without involving the owners (Knight, Menges & Bruch, 2018). Limited liability in such a global enterprise is crucial to minimize the risk to financial losses for the members in case of a lawsuit against the company. I find this as an appropriate business model for Apple Company, given that the company has been a participant in several legal litigations since its formation. This form of business also allows limitless ownership for the company which means that Apple can adopt as many members during its operations. This characteristic is helpful especially in a company with a robust global expansion strategy like Apple. During the company's expansion, its likely to acquire new members and subsidiaries who can still fit in its initial organizational structure (Ellentuck, 2018).


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