Articles Analysis Essay on Depression

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Date:  2022-07-01

In the first article, the author described the changing roles in the qualitative research over the last twenty years. Wuest (2011) also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of tangible distinctions, problems of flexibility and the importance of coming up with a research that can aid in improving health. The advantage of this design is that the author is able to focus on individual groups and this helps in giving better results. It additionally focuses on document analysis such that the author can emphasize on written data which also offers more clear results. The research was ethical because it collected data from hospitals in the past two decades. If it could be done using quantitative design, there could be cases of improper representation of the subjects.

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In the second article, Walker (2011) looks at the best ways of conducting an interview in a research. The author has given his views on the best ways of carrying out a research interview. The research has also presented a direction to the practicalities that are required in an interview. The article uses an interpretational approach to show how a witness can report what they saw in any clinical case such as an accident to the emergency department nurses. The appropriateness of this research is that it is based on issues that occur in a social constructivism setting. The research shows that witnesses should be accorded with time to explain what they exactly experience in any case of emergency. If this could be done in a quantitative way, it could not be easy to show how the hermeneutic method can be applied because the process does not require experiments and calculations.

The last article focuses at the reasons why depression remains a big challenge to solve despite the efforts put by health facilities around the world. One of the reasons that cause this problem is low professionalism. The research looks at the reasons offered by a group of 474 individuals from 20 different papers (Doblyte & Jimenez-Mejias, 2017). The research also follows a help-seeking model that focuses on analyzing an existing research. The appropriateness of this research is that focuses on research from different papers and thus aids in coming up with extensive information. Ethically, this research studies and cites information from existing research which makes the information presented accurately. The disadvantage of using quantitative research is such a design is that results collected are limited to numerical figures.


Doblyte, S., & Jimenez-Mejias, E. (2017). Understanding help-seeking behavior in depression: a qualitative synthesis of patients' experiences. Qualitative health research, 27(1), 100-113.Walker, W. (2011). Hermeneutic inquiry: Insights into the process of interviewing. Nurse Researcher, 18(2), 19-27.

Wuest, J. (2011). Are we there yet? Positioning qualitative research differently. Qualitative Health Research, 21(7), 875-883. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases

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